His Face

Your skin is smooth with the exception of the sutble that seems to be constantly growing on your face.

I find a nook in your neck where I rest my hand to cradle your face.

Your smile, my God, your smile.

It's framed by two inviting lips that draws me in closer.

The creases around your mouth are formed so perfectly and are rippled together so effortlessly.

Your lases are long and intertwine.

Your eyelids flutter as my face comes into focus.

I look deep, deep into you eyes, deep enough to where I can see mine lie in yours.

Your nose touches mine, passing back and forth that sends shivers up mine spine like a gust of winter wind.

Yet warms my body like a sip of tea in a mug that's almost too hot to hold.

I shut my eyes as a sense of a kiss overwhelms me.

Your warm tingling breathe flows over my lips.

And I can't help but send my mouth straight toward yours as joy catches me as I fall for you.


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