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Skin, smooth and tan, a glow That the sun envy’s and the skies adore A look so divine that I’ll never know Curly hair delicately intertwined
I look in the mirror Seeing the sad imperfection Seeing me Seeing the acne on my skin Seeing my nose that seems too big
There has been dark days  we all had bad times  most of us truly just wanna run  in our own shadows away,
It is quite a tangled web we weave The dreams intertwined with reality The lies intermittent with honesty The irreverence mixed with piety The rational entwined with insanity
Dear  Human,
Dear Creation,   I am at a crossroads with myself a sinner with high standards believing that someday I’ll find happiness with someone
“Mistakes make us human” but my mistakes make me dead. I found myself pondering if it would come again. My life will soon be over, after 50 years,  of pain torture and labor. All to get myself ahead
In the mirror, I dread The ancient scar on my knee The mysterious mark on my cheek The great size of my thighs The stubborn crook in my teeth The several creases on my stomach
Ideas in her mind just hit her. They pop up as they please. She can't force them to appear, but when they do, they leave her in a stir.   It's like getting stuck on a train,
Eyes cold, glassy Body stiff, unmoving I'm perfect. Body in position. Sit still! Face rosy, smile painted on Any other emotion obliterated, gone. Smile. SMILE! Don't let them see,
Of course you are not perfect, but why do you fret? There are many more important reasons to find yourself upset. You could be greedy, coniving, full of deceit, turning a blind eye
  Perfection should not             be searched for; uniqueness should        die with its finding.   The above haiku I wrote years ago; It is one that I have liv'd by.
America   Have we got what we sought out— Have we deafened our ears— Have we defended with honor— Have we lasted the years?   Learned to love and learned to hate,
It’s a specific side. The one with frayed edges where Paper fibers are disrupted from the interwoven Pattern of rules calculated to win points.   No one can see the perfect matrix.
Rat. Further. Kory. The worst: Ferrari. 
We all live in a world of expectations. Were we are expected to be an image of perfection and sweetness. However, I'ma Do It Like Miley. I am not no Disney character.
the collected thoughts of an unsolicited opinion bothers annoys a wise decision to understand the depth and gravity of an entity is to see; not with the eyes but to understand with the soul  
1. Sitting on your bed. Thinking.  2. Listening to your work. Hearing you, knowing the sincerity of your words.  
If I could change something about myself, It would be nothing because I consider myself top shelf, I don't think I'm flawless or I'm perfect with no defects,
Around me course Greek heroes Spartan and Athenian, limber-limbed and fulsome They war and think with God-like grace While I fumble darkly through human woes And when they come their brightness blinds
I am young I am learning I am smart I am stuborn I am wise I am unaware I am organized I am disorganized I am happy I am hurt I am a hard woker  I am lazy 
Their reaction will depend on what choice you will make They don't care who you are Or what you have done   They taught us what's good and bad And made us open and realize
I love you, don't you know that yet? You are my rock My moon My sun My ray of hope  My sunday morning The weight that holds me together You are the main star to my night
Who is she? That girl in my mirror? Staring back at me with those tired eyes And that big pimple on her cheek Things that the filters on instagram could fix in a heart beat
Who am I when nobody can see? Behind closed doors and darkness, I am truly me. Guarantee.   I am the one with the big heart. You know…? The one that always ends torn apart.
The best photographs Are the ones when I don’t know The camera’s there.   Perfect works of art Are created when the pen Accepts the stray lines.   Stories are written
You want a hero,
I bottled all my tears to save for rainy days I put my bad thoughts in a box and sent it into space   I framed all my smiles and kept them on display I bagged up all my feelings and threw them all away  
Immaculate, impeccable.
To have 
I am FLAWLESS My imperfections are what make me so perfect..
Hair so big and tightly coiled           that people don’t always know what to think of it.
Mr. Imperfection why don't you tell me bout all your perfections and why you ain't got none. Tell me how you think you're gonna make it in this world if you're not the best of what you are
Through my eyes only I can see, The faults, the flaws that lie within me. The way my hair falls to the side,  The way my eyes squint when I smile. The movements I make when my hips sway,
People can be nervous about anything everyday. Some may be hesitant to try a foreign dish,
     I screamed but only piercing silence was heard thus I took my seemingly rightful place as the invisible nerd.
You know... Who wants to be flawless? Not Me Now, imagine a world of perfect people.... Life would be incredibly bland. We were born with flaws, can't you see? It's the little imperfections that give us a reason to stand.
Every morning she stood in front of the mirror and was ashamed of what she saw She hated the kinks in her hair the sea faring bridges of her nose the fullness of her crimson lips So she sought refuge in makeup
This is my facade My mask, my security My assuracnce of no judgement I walk around, unhappy Not okay with who I really am I pretend to like guys, and only guys
I am a stranger in my own life I don't understand my friends nor do they understand me they may think they do they may think that  my laugh is genuine they may think that
You may think I'm perfect without a scar imperfection or fear.  
I stroll down the streets of my town, through the hallways of my school, through the rooms of my house, And what do people see?
Everyone wears a mask. It's as if we're all at a ball. Who are you really? I may never know.
Please. Please. Listen to me. I'm sorry, for lying--
When life begins  And we start to look for who we are in the world we create ourselves this distorted image of perfection that society created for us   
I am a dystopia whose fault line you are just waiting to fracture, Splintering me into chaotic shards, The world tells me on that sunshine tulip-coated poster: “You must love yourself before anyone can love you”
To be happy, society screams at us with images of perfection. What you wear, how thin you can be. Who you are never mattered.
Some say that bitterness is what broke you, and ripped your seams apart. But whatever it was that consumed you, longing is what lies inside your heart. A longing to be better, is the single thread that binds you.
We can never be good enough for society So long as we’re not perfect. Because perfection is beauty – Or so the world claims.   But what the world fails to see is the beauty of imperfection.
Have the eye of the tiger, the heart of a lion, and
 Let go of your perceptionsthey are all wrong
Why should I be who you want me to be?
Remember that day you felt you could never compare That feeling that life just couldn't be fair Remember the tears that flooded your eyes That feeling that life is a pile of lies
Who am I to think I’m beautiful?Disproportionate at every angle, my figure is shaped like that of a pear’s.And any claims to beauty seem to be rare,because I can hardly stand the sight of my body bare.  
Change is what drives this world. Nothing stays a constant speed. Every heart beats differently. Minds rearrange themselves. People speak obscure words. Friends say "I'll have you're back, No matter what I've got you." I say "Let's be real here,  
He does not walk on water But neither do I He's flawed and far from perfection But I know that he tries He does not wear a suit of tin But I am not of royal descent He's made his mistakes
Oh what shadows I carry and bring with me; We dance all night and sing in perfect harmony, Oh so joyous and free. Together we live so happily, because they're just like me.
36-24-36 Perfect.
Why i gotta mess up Why do i trust Why do i care Why am i here Why don't i have nobody Cause i aint worth ish, that's why
(poems go here) Ode to happiness and the high it gives you. Suppressing the stress you could no longer bare. Cleaning you up until you’re “as good as new”. It’s like inhaling a breath of the sweet spring air.
I wish that I didn’t have to tell you how beautiful your body is. I wish that the world would shout about the beauty in the map of your skin. The freckles, stretch marks, bumps and scars
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