Bitter or Better

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 21:13 -- SkylarB

Some say that bitterness is what broke you,

and ripped your seams apart.

But whatever it was that consumed you,

longing is what lies inside your heart.

A longing to be better, is the single thread that binds you.

And those frayed and jagged edges,

are the things that truly confine you.

No matter how many people try to stitch you back together,

you view those holes as failures,

and they will be there forever.

For what you see is someone with no lines of colorful thread,

but maybe they suffer as much as you,

their scars are inside instead.

You long to be the greatest,

without a single seam or tear,

but a person without a past or flaw,

is only imaginable and rare.


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