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CONSUMMATED SIMPLICITY             ~ by Debi Lyn 09/01/22, 12:58 - 1:20 am  
Touch me  Touch me Let flesh meet flesh Warmth meet warmth Let your skin know that mine is near That I am here That we are not alone Not now at least Hold me In the dark
i like the way you touch me when you run your fingertips across my back  down my spine  i like when you wrap your arms around me  pulling me closer even when closer isn't possible i like it when you're goofy
I love you!   Heard around the world, those three words mean so much
Life made sense to me when I felt your touch I thought you’d stay forever in my arms Darling, you brought me short-lived happiness I didn’t know love before you found me You took me close to a place like heaven .
i'm not quite sure how to put the way i miss you into words.   i see your face in everything around me.   your taste is a recurrent craving i can't seem to curb.  
The smell of ginger bread fills the kitchen with the heat of an oven reminding me I am home. Stepping outside is a shock wave of senses, the smell of snow in the air that the wind has left behind.
It is in these actions when my mind makes me realize maybe a place called heaven can exist   Lips breathe the breath of life save me from drowning  in an abyss 
Your fingers trace against my skin And send shivers down my spine I press up close against you
We wanted nothing more than to be Together. And so there we lay, Skin to skin, bone to bone, and we watched and we noticed The way our chests began to rise and fall in unison.
Peach clouds tumble over an autumn morning. Cool, almost impeccably sharp Yet Soft, light, feathery, cushioning the blow: A collision of ecstasy   Frozen grass breathing again with
You came, you saw, you conquered. You conquered, came, then left. You promised love and joy and fuck, You fucked and left the rest.    Your serpent words they fooled me. You had a gentle touch. 
Let this moment last forever, To die in your arms is to rest in peace. Gently kiss my pulse forever, A shudder of the love you give to me. Every touch you press against me,  I return to you with lust.
you broke me broken inside I now am you touched me in places others can not reach my mind places I did not want the world to see you told me to let you in the light house
Your blue eyes put me in a trance. Baby. Baby. Baby. I love you. I wish the best for us. To be together forever. I will fall for you every time. That smile…so addictive. That touch…unexplainable.
There is history in light. A
 story written on everything
 it touches; perhaps I want to feel it and let my body yearn to remember you in the morning 
like a sunburn.  
the privilege of touchinganother person’s bodyconnecting skinto skin thisis the gift of aphroditesubtletya grace in touchingfingertip to palmhead to necklips to hand this poetry of silencebridge between solitudeand      something bettermingling of
its friday and my watch reads 8:20, thinking about your sweet apricot lips and skin tasting like honey, ive waited a long week just to see my bae, let me cook for you, soothe you, tell me about your day,
We tend to live for those who judge,We tend to forget that we’re masters of our own soul,If we look for our - selves the whole time,Why let somebody change it all. Love is what you give, how it makes you feelNot about what you get because it all f
After I tasted you for the first time everything tasted  The way the first bird of spring sounds SCREAMING demanding to be heard 
The soft tender touch of a lover,The hushed whispers from one to another.The beauty of a now stranger lingers in your mind,The faint smell of Lilac lets you unwind.The taste of your tears cascading down your cheek,Her gentle kisses leave you weak.
Where are you now? You promised to always be by my side. You promised to never leave You said this day will never come But yet, you had to leave Why? Why are you gone? What did I do wrong?
You asked me why I am shaking.  Because I am unable to sit still with you.  I want to be closer.  So close the only air I breathe  is the air you exhale.  I want the only space I take up 
I am still just a shadow.I am still just star dust.I am still part of a Universe I never quite knewbut I'm homesick for. I bleed only to pull the stars out by their edges.
Have you ever felt the rain? The pitter-patter, like my fingers on the table we ate lunch at every day during school The pitter-patter, harder now, like the waves of shutting lockers in the halls we once laughed in
His kiss was of goldStaining her lips with the markOf innocence lost. His fingertips leftGilded prints, painted on herLovely face with care. Polished AdonisThough he was, the sun cannotShine on forever.
The ability of touch is AMAZING. In my eyes being able to feel the softness and roughness of an object is PRAISING. The extravagant foods are so TASTEFUL. 
I can feel everything on the inside,
I don't want to hug  people anymore.  their traces are like stains  that I can't wash away, and I can taste  the insincerity in my mouth  as their arms 
Im tired of the lonesome nights  Im tired of the longing for something ill never have The touch that I cry for is something my body will never feel The laughs Ill never get to share 
  I am controlled by this Bryiana, What story has my face have told? Her very presence sends a chill of electricity down my spine
Baby I'm not religious but When I put the pen to paper I swear someone's watching and helping to guide my hand through all the terrible truths. If there's a God up above,
The follower slides down the mountainsides, of pale glory, traveling amongst the lines to paradise
"I like the idea of touch," i told her. "What does that mean?" she asked. So i showed her. The heels of our hands came together and the tips of our fingers touched. 
the eyes, that perceives me the ears that hear me  the hands that touch me
You make me confused. When you held my hand for the first time, I felt uncomfortable. You rubbed the knuckle of my thumb With the soft pad of your own, As our fingers tangled together.
This isn’t some side job that you can pick up whenever you have extra seconds on your wristwatch.   The nebulas of your eyes are always looking, observing each individual
Our two bodies pressed up together The warmth from his chest seizes my body His hands glides from my shoulder to my back and up again I am willfully intoxicated In love with his very touch
He came all dressed in rags
It takes three weeks for all the skin cells on the human body to die and regenerate. Maybe that’s why I don’t miss you as much. The skin I live in now has never known you.
Your delicate touch...It sends me through the skies.Though I may collapse,You are my cure. Cure me, O thy love, Of thy pains and sufferings...Cure me...Your hatred drags me down.
We all feel it, something about feeling something,with your hands, your heart, soul, and eyes, feeds you.That idea that you spend all your time on,or that being that you hate.
Swirls of color, brighten golden like the sun; your soft hearted loving looks,  accompanied by the touch of your hand;  smooth gently comforting strokes. Lips tweak up to form a happy smile;
I wish I could make this easier on you. If only my touch Would allow you to read my thoughts, For just a moment, Because that would be all that you needed To know how much I love you.  
I make a guess from this heart in my chest that he looked like the the night put to rest. He had his hood thrown over his head as it hid the blood-red shed of tears. Yes he'd been misled but instead he just looked ahead.
Some things I just don’t want to feel Like a hairy kiwi, a slimy banana peel Or a crusty, flaking elephant knee A needle-sharp stinger of an angry bee
I touched him and the bane of all I knew, hope to know and would ever know came alive. It felt like, atoms dancing on the backdrops of unborn galaxies, collapsing and expanding at will. Like, lungs pumping air into the windows of open souls.
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