Dreams of the night


Our two bodies pressed up together

The warmth from his chest seizes my body

His hands glides from my shoulder to my back and up again

I am willfully intoxicated

In love with his very touch

Tranquil and quieted by his gaze

So hypnotizing is it.

I sigh with joy, as

The wetness between my folds multiply

Into teeny tiny droplets that fall towards the earthy ground

I am in love and in lust.

He smile from ear to ear.

His laugh is as welcoming as summer’s rain

Hello, my dear darling, I mouth to him.

With no sound coming out.

He is sweet beyond imagination, anyone can concur.

He holds my hands as he leads me through the grand oak door.

I am impressed.

His taste in all things fine replicates my own exactly.

And we’re off!

Waltzing in circles, around and around the room.

Sometimes we will bump into the couple next to us,

But clearly this is not our first dance.

Soon, before we could notice, the end has come and

The night calls for the dance to cease,

Everyone immediately begins to wind down.




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