Your blue eyes put me in a trance.

Baby. Baby. Baby.

I love you.

I wish the best for us. To be together forever.

I will fall for you every time.

That smile…so addictive.

That touch…unexplainable.

Feeling all over my body.

Making me feel like the woman I’m born to be.

Baby blues.

Lighter than the ocean. Envy from the sky.

Even though it’s a reflection of each.

Your eyes are pure.

I fall into them and swim.

Even though I can’t swim. I’ll try for you.

You make me feel different…sexy as you might say.

Even though I deny it.

I don’t believe you but deep down I do.

Stay with me baby.

If you leave, I don’t know what will become of me.

Hold me. Please.

Falling for those eyes, smile, laugh, touch, love.

I’ve never felt this way.

Baby. Baby. Baby.

I have fallen.


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