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For every time I built that shining castle made of glass The winds of fate would blow again And shatter it to ash The gleaming shards that shine so bright Reflect my hopes and dreams
When I was small I would believe That Fairies surrounded me And protected me From the bad But when I grew My fairies turned to dew And formed my tears And leaked to the ground
who is thatstaring at me she is so uglyhe is too fatnot even all that smart I can hear the words,"you aren't worthy""you aren't sorry""keep the blood coming"and worse
Dear Love,   For someone so nurturing to others You sure are disloyal to me Why is it That you come so Faithfully.
How many times do I have to slit my wrists to get rid of the poisoned blood in my veins. It was once believed most issues could be cured by draining the infected blood.  So how many scars must my body endure
You should be with the one you love, As love is what matters to the one above, Society in which is scattered; would bunch together if our hearts came as one, Oh society holds us apart, But why?
The me of yesterday, is fading, She was callous, angry, sanctimonious. She was abiding of God and a sinner in one, She is no longer living, from dust to dust.  
His beauty is unspeakable and incomparable; not because his words are able to inflict pain upon me, but because his heart will forever beat in sync with mine.
If you had asked me a year ago A simple question, nothing out of the ordinary I would have had to say “Fine. I’m fine. I’ll be fine, just give me some time.”  
Hope flickers like a small flame Easily put out in the wind of the ghastly night. So I lay on the cold hard floor Staring at the silver moon dancing. Dancing with the fading stars Across the onyx abyss.
One of the hardest things I do Is talk to you. It doesn't happen until I snap, And all hell breaks loose. I try to tell you, But the words are impossible to find. When I do my best it is dismissed.
Broken wings Shattered piece of mind Trapped on Earth Unending time No way back No way home Surrounded by evil No place to roam Good is evil And evil is here
I sit there in silence, Alone in the dark, Listening to the soft hum  Of the words that float around In a familiar and gentle sound. Staring at the empty room before me, Wondering where I went wrong.
Pieces of me Are broken. I've fallen so far, So hard and so quickly. Crumbled into thousands Of pieces Unknowing if the Kings horsemen can put Me back together Again.
Imagine all of your life and experiences have built up the world around you like a snow globe.
Best friends become strangers While everything I treasured Was thrown away Sweet dreams Turn into restless nights Because I'm haunted by thoughts of "Maybe I should've" "Maybe I could've"
I see you. I hear your words. I feel your tears as they fall, forbidden from your eyes.   Oh how your sadness consumes you. Outside lies the false imagery of peace.
my just went to catch itbut you missed.
Left with a broken smile, A twisted girls mind Can take you a mile Through the decisions she's made She's haunted by pain Brought to light to see The only good decision she ever made
I watched them gulp the whole bottle down I know where one get its, but for the other I have no clue how They were the same, stubborn and loud One I could've stopped, the other I couldn't control
I said NO Two nights in a row He used my body He used my soul   Took my virginity That monster Lost my dignity Lost, everything   A hammer to a mirror
  Shattered The pieces of my heart fall around me as I sit on the floor my knees to my chest
Its true Im shattered
Lips to the bottle The liquid burns down your throat Burns a hole in your stomach   The little girl accidently startles you She didn’t mean to, she really didn’t, As a bottle shatters against the wall
We are the ones shot down day after day forced to tip-toe around our own shattered remains. Reality surrounds us. Holding us in its painful grasp. Never daring to let us go and give us a chance to breathe.
  Shattered Soul   It started one day Out by my favorite tree. I was so lonely, so cold But you somehow found me.   I thought you would have listened, I didn’t expect this change.
Hurtful words leave Life-long dreams     Shattered.
Astounded By your lies. Can’t think straight Devouring your promises Entire days burned by what you did. Feeding off my purity Get out of my head. Hating you Is becoming easier.
I need relief release to let it go and be set free I need the pain to fade the confusion to vanish but most of all I need you.
Is this what it feels like... to break? It's not as painful as I imagined... I feel so numb. I don't feel anything anymore. Even the hot tears don't exist.
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