How many times do I have to slit my wrists

to get rid of the poisoned blood in my veins.

It was once believed most issues could be cured

by draining the infected blood. 

So how many scars must my body endure

Until I feel healed?

Mothers use to say that

our “bodies are a temple”

i didn’t realize mine had fallen long ago.

crumbled pieces seized by unforgiving hands.

blood stained, like every memory that lingers 

in the battlefield of my mind. 

My heart, is a mine field.

I beg of you,

Be cautious of the ground you tred upon

For you might destroy us both.

This body

is a graveyard.

Riddled with shattered dreams,

diminished self esteem,

and borrowed happiness. 

If you’re unwilling to walk among demons,

you aren’t prepared to walk beside me. 

Dont try to fix me.

you wouldn’t try to piece together a shattered mirror,

Would you? 

Youll get cut on the sharp edges

of the pieces of me.  

I’d beg you not to,

but it seems,

you've already given up on me..

                             -maybe I’m too broken after all


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