Lips to the bottle

The liquid burns down your throat

Burns a hole in your stomach


The little girl accidently startles you

She didn’t mean to, she really didn’t,

As a bottle shatters against the wall


Your wife cleans up the shards, bleeding with every piece

She tries to piece the family back together

But it will never be perfect, cracks will always be seen


Your little girl feels unwanted, not good enough

She starves herself, makes herself bleed

Trying to feel alive, just for a little bit


Your words slice up her veins

Drunk words are sober thoughts

Drunk acts are sober intentions


Your little girl cries for you

She wants her daddy back

But the alcohol grip is just too right


Two shots in the cup, one down your throat


The clock chimes five to the world

But to you, the bottle chimes “drink me”


Two shots in the cup, one down your throat


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