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  I walk in the room You are dressed so fine  A beautiful face  A saint in a shrine       Do I dance with you 
Swollen legs and chunks of lash glue covering my eyelids were suppose to be the problems after prom.  Instead, funeral arrangements and mournful phone calls to friends and our principal marked the day. 
I await for a person who doesnt come. I debate wether I stay or go If i move on on hand and toe  Mabye she'll come mabye no Its almost time, its running out  Its almost time to go
Let me tell you a tale As I try not wail Take a seat, grab a cocktail  And hear my story unveil   I was once a small kid And heaven forbid That I ever bat an eyelid  or ever hurt a squid
A night to rememberA night to forgetA night of laughter & fearsA night worthwhileA night that drains the soul
I wish I was normal. I wish I was just like you. Well, maybe not “JUST” like you, but close enough. Close enough to fit in like you. Close enough to blend in with the crowd
Still alone in your room Staring at a blank tv screen For it to reflect your image Waiting as the time passes by Remembering the words Picture perfect Picture perfect Piture perfect
I measured each spoonful of Mexican cheese and sprinkled it, like a surgeon, over a bubbling omelette Next was the avocado, sliced in smooth crescents of green because that's the good kind of fat,
Kissing in the dark is what we do when we can't find the right words I don't really know where to go from here but my stomach feels broken
And then I see you 500 dollar dress Hanging like the ghost of a girl who could have been Still shining in the darkness of my closet With your emerald pleats and sweetheart neckline
Lights pulsating wildly Floor vibrating violently through feet Chiffon and tulle swirling in brilliant pinwheels of color, Green Blue Red
"Grounded, you can't go out!" I heard, he didn't have to shout. "You can't go to the prom!" I think, he should take that up with mom.   Dad slammed the door shut, off to work
They all say i look just like youBut not knowing you made me who i am today I never really bothered to ask why you wouldn't stay Whyd you turn your back?Whyd you make it about you? 
I wasn’t going to go out That Friday night. I know I usually do, But I was tired, And I didn’t feel well.  
Excitment fills me up Ive been waiting for this day Butterflies filling me up I wait for the clock  Hes here The doorbell rings I hurry out of my room He greets me with smiles
The first of the month brings light to our lives, birds in their nests and bees in beehives. We know that summertime is coming up soon so were hustling and bustling and stressing about school.
My prom dress came in, it does not fit Hate it so much, burn it if you must May ninth  is so close, such a misfit     It is going back lickety split Why did I buy it this is a bust
Prom is for the parents Nothing less, nothing more It seems to me quite apparent 
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
As I walk down the halls of my humble abode, Everyones smiles look depleatd and scorn. A Princess who is this years 2014 prom queen, A criminal who is bastardly and obscene.
I still have the first photograph taken of us. It was at prom, at our tiny high school, and even though we'd barely even spoken a word to each other in the years we'd attended, our parents insisted we pose - and we did.
I went to a dance one night on the Queen Mary in May where the ocean kissed the ship the same way the guests tip toed on deck that was adorned with pearl necklaces of lights
Most girls dream of being prom queen I dream of being asked to prom Most girls dream of true love I dream of a simple happiness Most girls dream of living in a mansion I dream of living in house without wheels
To Prom I will go Even if it might snow. More likely wind will blow, But still to Prom I will go. Friends will attend, And I will apprehend, Memories that will extend, For a lifelong trend
This prom dress is perfect for me For over 200 bucks it better be Every detail screams my personality And puts me in a princess mentality
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