Sat, 04/06/2019 - 19:47 -- Cullan

Let me tell you a tale

As I try not wail

Take a seat, grab a cocktail 

And hear my story unveil


I was once a small kid

And heaven forbid

That I ever bat an eyelid 

or ever hurt a squid


I loved to party; I loved to dance 

And then I had the chance 

But due to circumstance

No prom, no party, no romance 


9th grade was great

10th grade I anticipate 

11th grade I separate

12th grade I hate


I have no prom

I can’t be calm

My life’s a time-bomb

I love you mom


My life is sad

I can’t be glad

I am so mad

I’m sorry dad 


2 capsules today

4 capsules yesterday

As the sky turns gray 

And as I feel dismay

My soal floats away

With no regrets everyday


They are having fun 

I need a gun

My heart is on stun

My life can’t be redone


To finish it off

I start to cough

Throw a fucking mazeltov

And die like a Romanov







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