My Prom Queen

Still alone in your room

Staring at a blank tv screen

For it to reflect your image

Waiting as the time passes by

Remembering the words

Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Piture perfect

Became the pefect picture

That was your goal

It had to be accomplished

If not,

If not- you'll dull

Drip away from the spotlight

And blend into the background like everyone else

And god knows that can't happen to you

But damn


Why couldn't you just write me a symphony...

One of your pain and tears

Your misinformed dreams

About your fucked up family

Whose definiton of being successful

Is being crowned prom queen


I gave you a chance

I held out my hand

I waited and waited and waited

I tried to save you while there was still time

But you- didn't get it

Even when it was explained plainly

It just didn't compute with you


So now

You'll waste away

Pointing out flaws that aren't even there

Staring at a reflection you no longer recognize

God, how I regret falling for you

Oh, how I wanted to resurrect you from the grave

The one you dug yourself

The one family buried you in

The one without a funeral as that not even your spirit stuck around for that

It's much too late now

But I guess you'll always be-

the queen of prom