A String of Thoughts

Kissing in the dark is what we do when we can't find the right words

I don't really know where to go from here but my stomach feels broken

My friend looks at her ceiling and I think she reaches for the sky

Apparently loneliness is a sin but it's the only time you're not influenced

She's scared to love again because she wants to be loved by someone else

My body tightens at the thought of the past and relaxes in the face of the future

His hands grip the steering wheel at 80 mph and all I can think is to hold

The lights mixed with the color of music and the songs in my ears smelled

A symphony of explosions that threatened to wrap around me

I never want to let you go I just want to hold you forever

That's what you say to me last night and somehow it reminds me of my pulse

My heart thumping against my diaphragm and I'm happy that I'm alive

My friend is scared of being lonely so she pretends she's not

My other friend seeks the comfort of kisses that way she isn't scared

They only took a picture with me because I was wearing a crown

Suddenly I was worth the congratulations and I hated that I didn't earn it

She kissed someone in the dark of her sisters room to hide from herself

I ran away from the protection and into the risk of others for comfort

His hands are soft on my sides and he smiles when I kiss his cheek

The lights bleed into the school the following Monday

The entire school smells of regret and broken promises

His eyes roll back when he's ascending to utopia and I smile

Her hair is in a loose ponytail and she looks down at the ground

She smiles at me but she smells purple, her heart is broken again

My sister looked at the glow of the lights and for a second she was happy

The mountains crumble when she walks and maybe she regrets a little

Alcohol in our veins and the promise of love on our tongues

The meeting of us and the shared enthusiasm

We're both very bad at kissing right now and were both nervous

But your lips are hot and skin on skin contact makes sense

She smiled at me across the room and squeezed my arm in reassurance

But her color was a dark purple and all I could see was regret on her

She laughed her way through the day but the end of it sounded like a sob

He yelled at me in the car this morning and I deserved it

The sound of feet slapping against the concrete floor made was loud

It wasn't so lonely here when the music pumped in our veins

We smiled at each other even though the school smelled like regret

He held my hand even though he was sad because he was scared

She look at the lights and smiled but there was no crinkle

We walked down the stairs and somehow we left it all behind for next year.


This poem is about: 
My community


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