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I've seen it repeated Over in time. How can perfection be so flawed? Grace turned grim, Though in your prime, I've assuredly experienced all.   Its presence an everlasting notion,
On a summer day i met himWith his sparkling eyes, smooth talk and confident smilei could’nt do anything but fall for him  
Revolving door, I guess I’ve come back for more of course. Spirit numb and heart can’t take much more. Only takes a smallest of gestures to have me banging on your door. Begging, pleading for just a little more.
Your eyes are cold dark dead like your soul you say you believe in God almighty in Jesus name amenI hear your voice ringing in my ears my hearts beatingI hear the bell ringing, the door knocking the card chopping My hearts beatingClick click click
My scars run deeper than my irrevocable love For he who cuts me deepest just to see if I still bleed His thirst strengthens as he watches the life drip from me Insatiable, he whittles away til he reaches my bones
I can sit in bed all day Write stories of love, And happiness, And success. And every expression of emotion Is guarded up; soliloquy.
  Imagine a world wherein no one had philosophy.  Imagine this world as a bigger world  with more people who were mirror images of their neighbors.  Imagine these images every day  were shattered upon rocks 
He is Helmsman. There’s no way to tell what’s real and what’s hell   A man, he says you fail. without speaking a word
I’m a poster child with no more room on the wall, And I want to be the molly ringwald of every situation. The eyes in the back of my head hear you talking bad about me,
Dear Grandmother, You were supposed to protect me and wipe my tears when I cried. Yes, you did this but all as you lied. You taught me not to trust:
Dear Mother, who is dear to me no longer,    
Of all men Stands tall, proud A statue of stoic narcissism "Impressions matter," The words of an impressionist  
Grit in a glass. Confidence in a cup. Call it what you will, as long as you buy another gin and tonic.   I'm consistent in my ways, you're just another tab, that's got to pay.
Empty puzzle pieces gaping wide, Showing the world in which I cannot hide, Shallow emotions flutter throughout my being, Showing everything that possesses absolutely no meaning.
Everyone believes your great, They keep on telling me so, Expertly you play the part of their mate, Sweet childishness and humour overflow,
Instagram, Facebook, That is all it took, Took to lead these teens Out into the streets To live what they'd seen On some little screen.  
There’s a myriad of things you won’t let go of.Like the bouquet of thorns scratching your wrists,And the ring of poison ivy wrapped around your red tinted fingers.You are to wed today,A beautiful shore covenant.
Matronly, maternal mother you are not. Nurturing mother of love, Narcissus dances through your mind.   With every rejecting shove You cannot comprehend The breach I feel inside.  
People all around me So different and unique Each their own With their problems And personalities Its really weird to think of That I am not alone Everyone has their share Of bad news
In and from this world what do we really want?
I'm hollow, never unbroken. 
A knife to my chest Or a gun to my head as i  breathe my last breath though  im already  dead Who cares if i die Or is this just satans lies its myself i despise All these tears i done cried
would you miss me if i died? Would you stay up late at night if you knew today was my goodbye would you try when you woke because your the one who wished it on me would you try to call the next day
I let it go. I gave up. I stood my ground and was put down.
She does not know when to behave, never asked me if I am ok, criticizing and jabbing at my brain, the pounding heartbreaking pain. She knows there is someone to blame,
Trapped.  She is trapped with no way out. The fraction of hope that she contains is the only thing that is keeping her sane, if that is what she is. At this point, there is no doubt in her mind that he will return.
Drowning. She is drowning in the loneliness that is clouding her thoughts. When she thought. If she thought; she thinks she feel him, just in the back of her mindset.
Words are thrown out to hate,Before it can be stopped, it's al
"he's still here."   here.   Here and gone. The words meld into one.    I screamed. I cried. I lost my mind. Is it possibly to feel so much at the same time?
Get upLook in the mirror Stare for to longTell yourself your greatTell yourself your perfectTell yourself your specialNow your lateGet to school watch them admire you 
Guilded I am Seen as superior Expectations run high So I push, and push   I strive to achieve
There was a man in the lake Whose good looks were but a fake. But the envy had spread To Narcissus’ head, And he drowned the man in the lake.
  I do not think that I can excuse myself From the never-ending cataclysmic cycle In which I switch between the various stages Of love and grief and self-deprivation and narcissism
perfect as always moved toward a blinding light seek fast the individual who knew perfection was so frail   blemished as always so beautiful all eyes on me seek faster the the two
Be careful where you are stepping It’s hard to see with your chin so high And be careful not to look so deep Into the blueness of the sky Keep your mind on planet earth Not in the chimera of your heroics
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