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I am... TeenyWide-EyedImperfect I am... BubblyPassionateImperfect I am... LovingLovableImperfect I am... MotivatedDeterminedSuccessful
Trails walked by others Paths carved by those before us Their own metaphor   Stage, be our lantern Blue and silver be our light Our tassels ready   We walk our own trails
Seventeen means I’m too young It means I’m on the bottom rung It means I’m just a kid Who needs to keep a lid On her beliefs Because it might cause someone some grief To know
Stepping off the bus ready for school
I am a jagged egde of wonder.  Curious. Open. Receiving.  Tangled within my hair are questions and tasks and opportunities and projects and ability.  Build me patience. 
what if i said im ready to go im ready to change just show me the way the path the life   im ready for you lead the way i am lost blind and hopeless  
I’m scared to tell you what’s going to happen, ‘Cause I’m not ready to let you go, I’m scared if I tell you, We might never grow, I’m scared to say “I love you”, ‘Cause it ain’t so,
I love you   My heart is yours But my body is not ready   Please do not try to convince me otherwise      
this morning tonight, preparing to what is set forth,maybe destiny; i speak to the light, crying and weeping, unknowingly pressing forward hastily; maybe one day i'll know, no; be
listen  to me wen i say that im done its over i need it to be over listen to me when i say that im ready to try im ready for this to end listen to me when i say
Brave- to live a life worthy of the calling have recieved. To not be afraid, but to leap, to jump, to go.  To not be scared of the unknown but to embrace it.  I want to be brave. I long to fly.
The ship sat anchored to the shore The captain, skipper, and crew working at her core Sails being raised and decks being scrubbed
Three famous words of Shakespeare   I've spent thirteen years of my life in school I think I'm ready for another 4 plus.   I saw the heartbreaks; the failures; the successes
It’s been 12 yearsOf chores, work and sweat.We didn’t ask for itBut overall it was okay. We meet peopleSome were horribleSome were greatBut overall they were okay.
             Sat down and stared at the mesmerizing sky,Didn't expect to find a friendI can't even liePeace was all we yearned.
Congratulations, they said. I’m finally finished, is the thought running through your head. What a journey this has been. I thought I’d be excited, but I’m sad to see it end. Meeting new people, learning new things.
Freshman year, We tried our best, Avoided Seniors, Passed our tests. Hazing came, In various ways, A book check here and there, But we were safe most days.
when we're in the mood when we're in this place when the temperature rises and our hearts start to race and in between heavy breathing accompanied by low moans
That look is a look that can be seen a thousand miles. That look changes lives and create smiles. That look flows from a mother's approval to a daughter's heart. That look shows that the girl is smart.
I am expendable. And I absolutely will not believe that I can do great things. I understand this may be a surprise, but “Have faith in your abilities” Was a lie, and “I’ll never figure it out”
I'm ready now Ready for your bullshit I can take this fight this battle this war This never-ending game of drawing circles while you hog all the pencils but I Have the eraser
I have 98 days until I’m gone Gone from friends, gone from family, gone from home I have 98 days to get ready Deadlines, clothes, jobs, money I have 98 days to think Am I ready ? Or am I not? Can’t it just wait?
In a little house, just off the main road I lived and loved with my family. The house was small, and often cramped, But it was warm, with good smells and lots of smiles. It was a house of imagination,
I see the clock counting time, The minutes passing by. tic tock tic tock… The noise in beat with my heart Is it the end of an hour, Or just a new start? Tic tock tic tock…
Breathe Just In and Out You can do it This time you’ve got it
Change the Setting, The environment I am in now is just a plain turn style sequence of scenes. Memories I have are only forming drab chains around my wrists trying to restrain me.
I Graduated! High School is finally over I am now going to college to be free It was fun for the moment Parties Late nights Drinking Being on your own Then exams begin to come your way
I'm ready to live, and get out of here. I'm ready to fly, to forget my fear. I'm ready to do things I've never done. I'm ready to find myself, to be someone. I'm ready to see
I was born into a great family When you have a family it is not always about me. A family is about love We all fit tight like a glove.
Being broke a having you wishing money grew on trees And keys to Mercedes would appear from no where like a stray dog wit rabies And see I'm scared to love a lady
(A poem based on telling my past self four years ago)-Does contain suggestive language Dear freshman me: Hey!- you yes you there blond- hair tip moron -sighs-
Am I ready for the real world? Time just simply flies by Now junior, about to be senior Have thoughts about college, but Not ready Not ready, to leave family Not ready, to leave friends
School is now over, and I have nothing to do But I know I have a basketball game at 2 What team should I play for what team should I choose I have to think fast cause the deadline is soon
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