Not Ready.


United States
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Am I ready for the real world?
Time just simply flies by
Now junior, about to be senior
Have thoughts about college, but
Not ready
Not ready, to leave family
Not ready, to leave friends
Not ready, to be in the real world yet
Not ready, to be part of another world
I am part of a small world of people who think the same way I do
Most are just ready to leave and be free
But not me because, I am
Not ready
I have a great GPA and love to further my education
But I am simply,
Not Ready
I want to go to college and follow my dreams, but
I want my time in high school to stop flying by
I just want to have a chance to finally say, I’m
I want to feel confident, brave, and strong
I am trying everyday
I hope someday I will be
Ready, to step in the portal into another world
Ready, experience new things
Ready, to not be scare
Ready, to further my education
Ready, to say goodbye
Until then i am simply
Not Ready,
But I am trying every day,
Step by step
I will be

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