Is It My Turn Yet?


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Just In and Out
You can do it
This time you’ve got it

Every time I try to succeed
It's like I take one step forward and then two steps back
Something good happens and then everything comes crashing down

It’s like something has a hold on me that I can’t break
And I feel as though I’m suffocating and I can’t breathe

But every time I look in that mirror and see myself
I say “Just breathe
God has a plan for you
It’s almost your turn”

When will it be my turn?
My turn to shine it the light
And smile like there is no tomorrow
Because I know that I've succeeded

When will it be my turn?
My turn to say “Yes, I did it!”
And to hug my mom knowing that she’s finally proud of me

I try and try everyday just to keep my head above water
But it seems like its not working and I just drown

And then I think to myself again
And wonder…
When will it be my turn?
My turn to try something
And not be discouraged by others who have surpassed me
Because I know I’m just as good as them

When will it be my turn?
My turn to make a decision
And not have them criticize me the whole time
Because I know they love and accept me

Day by day I wait for my turn to come
My turn to show everybody that I can shine
My turn to say “Yes, I did it!”
My turn to show others that I have surpassed
My turn to show them that I’m right

Someday my turn will come
And when it does
I will show everybody that I am somebody


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