Lost College Boy


United States
33° 49' 6.312" N, 84° 21' 34.0668" W

Being broke a having you wishing money grew on trees
And keys to Mercedes would appear from no where like a stray dog wit rabies
And see I'm scared to love a lady
Because I know she gonna leave me for that guy with that mercedes
It aint gonna matter if I'm there while she broke down on her knees
Because if I aint got them diamonds then I am not what she needs
So now I'm in the house punching walls till my knuckles bleed
Screaming god help me PLEASE!!!
Because I dont know where to turn
And my mom sent me to school
But I dont wanna really learn
But society make it seem
If I dont then my life will crash and burn
That aint even fair
But you cant say nothing
Because all the grown folks gonna say is, "Life aint fair"
So I try to keep going
Because if I dont then I go back to life where cupboards are bare
I just really dont know what to do
make one bad decision and it will be over for you



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