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Mon, 11/19/2012 - 21:04 -- monet94


United States
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School is now over, and I have nothing to do
But I know I have a basketball game at 2
What team should I play for what team should I choose
I have to think fast cause the deadline is soon

Should I dribble, pass, shoot, or timeout
But there are no timeouts in this new life I am in
In the real world you don’t get a break to think
You do what you do, and live with the consequence

I go to study hall to practice a lot with my shoot
So far the results are good, cause my 3’s are through the roof
2pointers and 1pointers are not expectable for what I do

You may have thought this poem was cute
But it really had nothing to do with basketball
What the poem was really about, you chose
Cause your brain infers on what you do…


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