Self Worth


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I am expendable.
And I absolutely will not believe that
I can do great things.
I understand this may be a surprise, but
“Have faith in your abilities”
Was a lie, and
“I’ll never figure it out”
Five years down the line, I will tell my family
There are more important things to focus on
My employer will know that
I have my head on straight because
What society says
Is more valuable than
Your self worth
I confess this:
Anytime, anywhere
I can do whatever I set my mind out to do
But this will not be true for me
It’s impossible to make the right choice
The voice inside my head tells me
Five years from now, I still won’t know what I’m doing with my life.
I do not agree that
I will rise against my own worst enemy
Soon enough,
My opinions will never matter.
I will no longer believe that
I am intelligent and bright.
It is clear that
I cannot make a difference
It is senseless to pretend that
I have confidence.
And all of this will remain true unless it is reversed.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you have the power to change that if you want to
you are worth of something-have to find what that is
this poem can be the beginning of a healing process for you
keep writing and change your perception of your world

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