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Les roses, les fleurs et les bouquets L’amour, l’honneur, le respect et la paix Les vers, les poèmes et la littérature
Wandering the hills of my city with my mind ajar  A craving for the unknown a cliff of curiosity within my mind Here, I live upon the toes of death and life
To get myself motivated And psyched to work The best thing for me Is the Hamilton soundtrack. Songs about a man Working hard and non-stop,
Music inspires me. The beat, thouch of the strings,  soothing chords balancing, harmony, I feel free. Filling my lungs with- Song, connecting to my soul. Practicing towards my goal.
Standing in front of a big iron gate  Waiting for you, waiving at you  To return home from long journey  From far, far foreign land away   Here you are, standing in front of me 
I’ve heard the times are bound to bring forth changeThat our endings defeat mending to achieve great gainsAnd the newest always wins every raceEven when there’s nothing worthy left to chase
Bang, Bang. You Shot Me Down. You broke my heart and let me drown. You lost sight of what we had. You didnt care if it hurt so bad. We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place.
  (Sing to the tune of B-I-N-G-O by Scout Songs)   There was a farmer, he had some food, and pizza was it’s name-o. P-I-Z-Z-A
When I see you My mind plays every love song I know All at once And you’d think I would be in excruciating pain With every voice and beat passing through my mind
There comes a point in time When your favorite song Grows old After listening to it everyday, 2 3 10 20 times, It seems to lose its value.
The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hate yourself The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hurt yourself
We Automatically clicked. Like alphabet magnets, on the fridge. Momma goat and her kids, Yeah, it is.. what it is.
You can take my heart but I never wanted you to break it my love was yours there's no mistaking    It. you leave, behind, pieces of the darkest times   I, remember, the day 
Gather sticks for my home as we walk on down the road shelter over head is that we need for a bed   put the wood in a pile let it sit for a while find a women to lay down
We are poems.    A poem is an artistic expression, Crafted by a mind whose only intention Is to see itself and its deepest conceptions Be seen by the world.   A poem is a breath of life;
If the world was on its last day Would you take your hand in mine? We can step back and watch life play Before our eyes like a movie If the world’s disapproving  We can forget it all
Sweet bird, write music. Listen to your heart. Listen to the mellow beats of music. Listen to every note as the pianist plays. Listen to the rhythm of guitar strings
i used to be every girl in every song you heard i used to pollute your mind and populate your world but it's not okay anymore and you don't want me there the way you did before
He. He was different. Always different.   Normalcy was an impossible feat, A distant dream, An indiscussable imagining.   He loved the color beige. He liked clunker cars.
I want to live in a song Where every rhythmic beat is a stairway to my soul And every low key reverses time and I rise again Living inside the enchanted heart Where music smells as of the breeze of an ocean's shore
I hear it, my body takes over.My foot uncontrollably leads the way.The beat tapping on my attention like Morse code.
I wanna know the music you listen to when you're sad It says a lot about you about how you handle situations when you feel lost when you feel lonely or when you feel angry
Listen to the sound Of the whisper of angels As they sing the angels song Happy are they   On wings of love they fly Spread upon the sky With colors of array They do sway  
From the void it starts an incessant need to fill our hearts our spirits feed   Breaths slow and still an eye turned to see a hope to fill a life to free   A song is there
Don't dance the words of a lullaby Don't cry the words of a goodbye Don't die in the words of a rap battle  Don't overlook the sights you see in the blink of an eye its all gone 
Squares in a series; Each song helps paint my story. They call me: FLAWLESS.  
I'm happier than a bird singing a song. It's all because of you, mom. You bring me from my darkest moments and make me happier than a bird singing a song. My only wish is for you to continue being the same.
One night, as I slept, I dreamt a dream of voices. In my dream,  I saw young choirs, In the choirs, I saw young children.   But no matter what,  I heard wonderful singers-
Turn on the radio Max out the volume Do you love this song? That song speaks to you On a level no one can ever imagine   Not the whole song but Just that one line the artists says
What's wrong with the radio? It's playing lies. Everything is, "Sex and money!" Where is the truth?   Why can't it feature better bands, like Story of the Year?
Hearts beat like a drum Soft and low, high and fast.   Sometimes we beat as one, And sometimes we beat alone.   LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft. LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft.
Make me want to do my homeworks. Make me want to sing with the beats. Make me want to share with people. 
If life is like a drum, I’ll beat out my own rhythm   I’ll add in my melody Come and sing it with me   Play my heart to the beat Make it sound very sweet  
One of eight, a boy grows up listening to Beatles music He sings along to every song  And hopes his voice is heard  He sings of love and "Let it Be"  His family sings along
That song comes on the radio, once meaningful but now makes you want to cry,You see all the memories flood back into your mind's eye, You can't rip the cords out that you keep hearing in your mind,You wish that you could change it because you know
Rivulets running down the side of your lips. White eyelets yellowed/fraying at the tips. Loud starlets clawing at the rim--one more sip. Dimly lit can you hear thunder shoving ribs?  
Let's go home and spill some drinks And then see what the good Lord thiinks This is a poem about a man in my head He put up a fight but now he's dead 
I watch from the balcony She's sitting there surrounded by the sea The ebb and flow swallow Her vision of me There's a crowd around her Yet she's still lonely Everything is so clear
Poetry, when people think of poetry they think useless, hard to understand, and a waste of time. Poetry is really part of everyday life like music, commercials, etc Poetry gives me the sensation of amazement in people's ability
Why do I constantly feel like shit? Maybe I'm just Tired.
He does not sing to me. To air instead he sweetly hums so soft, caressing ears with sounds melodious, that others' heads turn t'ward the lovely music that they hear.
Who is this girl who broke my tethers to the world, and now I'm dying for a girl. Look down to earth and see them living on below, and never know the things I know. But I'll show, you now...
There's a song for every story a story for every song. It's one thing you can count on in the days that are so long.
Hey babe, can’t you see? I know I swore I’d do no harm But you know it’s insane the way you’ve warped my brain And it’s causing me great alarm
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