through love and beatles songs

One of eight, a boy grows up listening to Beatles music

He sings along to every song 

And hopes his voice is heard 

He sings of love and "Let it Be" 

His family sings along

The eight of them get through divorce

By singing Beatles songs

The boy grows up and moves away 

Becomes bitter with that place

He supports himself and loves his mom

But won't see his Dad's face 

It takes him years to reconcile that pain that he went through 

But through some laughs and Beatles songs 

He finds his Dad's love too 

He works through college and makes his way

He fights through cares and strife

At karoake he sings a Beatles song

And finds the love of his life 

Twenty five years later, that boy is my Dad 

He still sings Beatles songs 

Me and my three siblings know all the words 

And always sing along 

He works full time to support us all

Hates his job and feels alone

But when he's down he'll stop and sing

"The Long and Winding Road" 

He still sings karaoke 

Though he often forgets the words 

But as the head of our family, his voice is always heard

Through everything we've faced 

Every financial trouble and every storm 

Every loss my Dad has gone through

Every winter that isn't warm

We know we can always count on him

To keep us moving along

There's not a thing that can't be fixed 

By love and Beatles songs.





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