Standing in front of a big iron gate 

Waiting for you, waiving at you 

To return home from long journey 

From far, far foreign land away


Here you are, standing in front of me 

Seeing you again with my naked eyes 

Staring at me, you’re deep loving eyes 

An angelical face, full of excitement with cry 


You embraced me, without saying a word 

So tightly and lovingly intimate 

Saying words, that hard to express 

The happiness lies in your faithful heart 


I felt the warmth of your presence 

I heard every beat of your heart 

Our energy synchronised together 

That departed long, long time ago 


The love that bonding us together 

No one can explain, no one can believe 

Let the heart talk and express 

And feel the love of energy that we have shared 


And then now, you are with me 

There’s no point to leave me again 

My long wait, longing for you 

Will be ended, this journey of life 


You are the meaning of my life 

You are the lyrics of my songs 

You are the last piece of my puzzle 

In my heart, in my mind, in my soul and my spirit 

You always be my Prince, for life and forever. 

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