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slavery and torture is not for any mature or who is ill and not is cure its not for kids at all because they all are small ts like a boiling hell from where you hear yell
                               I don’t understand                                                                                          
Behind closed doors she hides herself and what she has become,  the cuts, the bruises,  the angry words said - that should never be undone. But luckily she lives and so forgives "Him" 
Muted grey Shades of pain Blurry sneers My arms stretched out Coils freeze on my limbs Hanging above soulless concrete
[(I was 15 at the time I wrote this.)]   Because I'm not like you, you fear me, you hate me, you torture me. I refuse to be like you. I fear you, I hate you, I run from you.
Intimacy measured with supplies yardstick Tender sun shines on the oppulent Red stains encrusted by white Escutcheon covers the fraudulent With mesial in muck   Abstract of the unconscious gunner
The best part of my day is dawn. I feel the least pain then; but then I hear footfalls, “Clung clung clung” down the hallway. My pain approaches; the commencement of terror.
2011: It was my first day on the job and as my eyes scanned the room for my next           victim,  i found myself fixated on you. Our eyes locked; you smiled, and I
find me lost in the middle of oblivion  tied to a pole in my thoughts of just givin in    like I'm trying to fight the very waves of the ocean  cause I can't find a vent for all this emotion 
"Have you ever felt                                   Lost                               Tossed  You are chained  They didn't pay the cost                             You did  With your nightmares
I'm awaken coldness brushes against my cheek tears slowly pouring out of my eyes step-by-step
"My crys are silent I am not violent But still you break me This pain I'm taking, Once it was yours But then you locked the doors In front of me and them But every now and then
"Anger, Wisdom, Regret, Pain,  They think my life is just a game I can't stand another minute But if I fold now I'll be defeated  Their torture stings like a thousand knives But I can't trust these awful lies
"They see my scars They see my eyes Look past my skin It's just a disguise It tears me apart  A shot to the heart To see you look through me You call, but not to me Call me names
I do not eat my friends You eat my friends I can see their ends Sometimes... people stab my friends they feed my friends to their friends I can see their ends
This is my story of the factors that determine me,Drive me to be who I want to be,And create my own destiny.I’ve never been a size twoAnd everything I would doWould be wrong to you.
No, my parents do not fight. No, my grades aren't bad. No, my family's wallets aren't tight. No, I do not appear to be sad.   No, I am not called ugly or fat.
Don't fall for a girl like me. I'm warning you now and I assure I'll warn you again. My loves the kind of wretched feeling that can't leave you be. I'll make you feel as if you are nothing but tin.
I start to wonder, wander through my mind that life
Do you know what it smells like to die?
It never made sense til now and the sense I've made makes no sense at all. If I should say the truth I hope it be opaque cause I can't stand myself or the perils left unscathed.  
To be humanity, You must fallow every step, Do as your told, Do this, Do that, To be humanity, Birds must cut off their wings on command, Dogs must die for the nobles, And cats must die when no room is left, To be humanity,
Oak wood standing tall against gusting winds that try to force it down
Purgatory.   The endless wait, the infinite tide of fear and anxiety washes over again. I wait to see you come in, your angelic face shining like a beacon in an ocean of despair,
Snow falls gently from the hazy sky, Dancing around us like glittering faeries, lively and joyful. The Sun smiles, her arms reaching lovingly towards us, but never reaching.
Yes! I'm listening, I'm paying attention! But it might be a little easier if you spoke with some passion! Poor Jimmy to left is struggling to stay awake, And Kimmy stopped coming, instead of showing up late!
The sun shows throught the leaves,
  Happiness is but a myth of life,   A satire of it's own design.
We have one tutor, for a class of kids. How do you expect me, to learn like this?   One tutor to do all of this? You hardly even make it down your list.   I like you a lot
Recently, our tuition has hit an argument Are we sensitive or abusive? Yes.   Is what they say true? Does that honesty sting you? Bring up negative things? Or  
We have one tutor, for a class of kids. How do you expect me, to learn like this?   One tutor to do all of this? You hardly even make it down your list.   I like you a lot
We have one tutor, for a class of kids. How do you expect me, to learn like this?   One tutor to do all of this? You hardly even make it down your list.   I like you a lot
Here I am. Broken, scarred, thrown, trashed. I'm nothing more than your puppet used to your manipulation. Your tight grip on my life has me suffocating and struggling from my last spoken wish to be free from this torture.
The biggest mistake That I ever made Was letting you control me Like your own pathetic toy. None of it was worth it. I never should have let you in. But now I caged myself Into my own torture.
A day spent in torment,  A witch with an infernal love of torture, A job to educate, yet she fails. Why doesn't she see, That we struggle to find the solution, That this is the epitome of masochism.
Words that tortureWords that blessWhat shall put my thoughts to rest? Heart held captiveBy the mindFeelings ever left confined Words that tortureWords that hauntConsequence of fate unkind
Slicing your jugular in two and watching the blood gush out and pool on the ground. Tying each of your limbs to a different horse and having them run in different directions.
All of the pain comes flooding back As my memories attack Angry tears fall from my eyes As I hear your distant cries
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