Vanquished from The Dark


Here I am. Broken, scarred, thrown, trashed.

I'm nothing more than your puppet used to your manipulation.

Your tight grip on my life has me suffocating and struggling

from my last spoken wish to be free from this torture.

How can you banish your creation from all sight and sound?

I can still utter the phrase of freedom and raise my wings

to move on to a better day.


I am the alphamale. I overpower you with my knowledge and wisdom.

I am my own teacher. My skills were learned from experience of nature.

I am the caregiver. I nurture what is mine and who I am.

And I am the creation, which surmounted your ability to control me.


My chains have been torn. My eyes are no longer blind.

I grew the strength to break open the barrier set before me.

Oh! How I wish you could see me in my glory.

For the tormentor is now banished from my prescence.

And I become superior. Today is my freedom day.

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