You Paid The Cost

"Have you ever felt



You are chained 

They didn't pay the cost

                            You did 

With your nightmares

And your biggest fears

With your old dreams 

And with your tears 

But still you are chained


Because of them your still pained

                                   You shy

From the shame 

That makes you hang your head 

                                     You cry 

As if help never came

                                 By and by

Goodbye good days

                                      You lie

Say it was nothing 

                              But you sigh 

As you walk alone in the rain

                                        I'll try

You say, as you pull it into frame

                                    Not mine

As you think about their game

                                 But their lie

That caused them to maim 

                            No longer I fly

Though I know I'm not tame 

                         The last goodbye

I no longer know what to say 

                                            Not I 

Who no longer has a name 

                        Look me in the eye

Tell me I'm worthless and lame

                         As i look to the sky

I no longer feel any pain."



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My country


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