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Today is May the 30th and it's Memorial Day.Americans are paying tribute to those who fought and died for the USA.116,516 American soldiers died during World War I.They died while fighting the enemy with their guns.
My first ex and I only lasted long enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And my next ex was there for my birthday, but didn’t want the commitment. So I didn’t let him stick around long enough to take Halloween too
Merry Christmas Darling We’re apart as you planned And every day is full of pain Since you’re holding a different hand  
It is Thanksgiving afternoon Different is the celebration We must now wear a mask In order to safely see Christmas
I was so scared that my hair turned gray. All because I wore white after Labor Day. I was so scared that I damn nearly died of fright. People became violent and I was forced to fight.
Today is May the 25th and it's Memorial Day.We're paying tribute to those who fought and died for the USA.Many brave soldiers gave their lives.We're paying tribute to the ones who didn't survive.
(otherwise titled psalm to Amelie Beth by Matthew Scott, his genuine, gluten free and non GMO poetic non fake appreciative guise.)   Ah, thee availed me reason to craft a poem with rhyme or reason,
The smell of ginger bread fills the kitchen with the heat of an oven reminding me I am home. Stepping outside is a shock wave of senses, the smell of snow in the air that the wind has left behind.
The leaves are changing,  The seasons are rearranging.  The Summer is leaving,  The kids are grieving.  Time for sweaters, and more chilly weather.  Hot coffee or hot chocolate in hand,
The weather is grand It is explosive this year A happy new year
The Christmas of 2012 was the last Christmas that you celebrated on Earth.You were a kind and loving mother for 41 and a half years after my birth.When March the 6th arrived, you wouldn't have a tomorrow.
It's just me it's just me come and sit on my knee I'll tell you a story of how the wind blows and where all the bad kids go the boogie man ate em' he snatched them up by the toes spanked them on the bottom and gobbled the boogers from their nose t
Heaven on earth Where dreams and memories are made, Time just fades It’s a gift to receive Peaceful and captivating Life’s motivating             It takes your breath away
Hot tea, soft sweaters,  whispers of the cold   Crunching leaves, Fireplace burns, Ghost stories told  
Thanksgiving has arrived and theirs nothing to eat.A starving single mother has two children to feed.They won't stop whining and crying about their hunger,The starving single mother is fed up and ponders.
Four years ago was Mom's last Thanksgiving.Just one year later, she was no longer living.I wasn't as thankful for her as I should've been.Back in 2012, I didn't know that she'd never be celebra
Martin Luther King JR. has his own holiday, God should be given a holiday too.God deserves to be given a holiday, that is what our Government should do.
You were taken from your own home To get us through this holiday. I know that must be bothersome, But accept you are here to stay.   Suffocated in lights of white, And weighted down with memories.
Sitting under the Christmas tree, Watching reindeer grazing in shade, Red fruit and green leaves glowing from far, Waiting for Santa clause,  Come and fetch give to kids,
Halloween is here We love this holiday my dear Pumpkins are carved, treats are bought, and the decorations are hung All that must be done Is to put a costume on Witches in their pointy hats
Come on down to Red Heads Resort Drink the incredible wine. Hear the rumblings of music All at Red Head’s Resort There you can find Many people from the world Full of culture and stories
They were a loving family says the photos covering every inch of the wall,  a small dog sleeps down in the living room while a growing boy slept upstairs,
A thoughtless grove is what i strole upon exsuse me if my words are'nt making any sence im just to far gone, im tryna think of the right things to sa
Celebrate the birth of a New Year, open your heart on Valentine's, praise green on St.Patrick's,celebrate the birth of life on Easter, fill the sky with smoke o
  I am a running man of ginger And I run faster than them all. I was rolled and pounded and cut out of dough Made in an oven as hot as the steam of dragons.
Crisp air pinches my skin. I'm all dressed up, the night's about to begin. Anxious and thirsty for adventure, I'm crazed. Almost hit by a car, but I'm not even phased. Looking around I don't know where to start.
Fireworks light up the summer skyIn every American town tonight,Blooming like rare flowers inSudden bursts of enthusiasm.They wilt as soon as the have come,Reminding us of our brief hour upon the stage.
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