A Running Man of Ginger

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 16:37 -- Sabelle



I am a running man of ginger

And I run faster than them all.

I was rolled and pounded and cut out of dough

Made in an oven as hot as the steam of dragons.

And I leapt out out of the oven as a boy checked me

Before I could die and be eaten by you.

I run over hill and dale being chased

Because I have no wish to be eaten at all.

With my feet running fast and my dough body still warm

Running and running or else I will die.

My piped-on icing limber

And my button eyes nice and bright.

Nothing will stop me, with my fleet footed stride

As I laugh at the people chasing me.

For I know a secret no one else knows:

No one can catch the Gingerbread man.


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