Halloween spooks and scares

Halloween is here
We love this holiday my dear
Pumpkins are carved, treats are bought, and the decorations are hung
All that must be done
Is to put a costume on
Witches in their pointy hats
Creepy black bats
Ghosts flying to and fro
No snow to throw
Candy, costumes, and fright
It is such a delight
Vampires, goblins, ghosts galore
We scream more, more, more
Here come the princesses
Here come the ghouls
Here come the piggy’s followed by the wolves
Blue from the clues
Piglet from poo
Firefighters in their gear
So much cheer in the air
It’s a night of trick or treat
Or do it if you dare
We delight in the night time fright
Zombies and werewolves
Oh my don’t let them bite
We wait 364 days a year until this day is here
Where we can be someone we are not just once a year
Time for friends
No time to end
Time for memories
No time for wineries
Halloween spooks and scares
Are what we live for


Stormie Shadle

copyright: Image by Stormie (me)

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