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Another night I lie awake,
I am well aware that I am no stranger to mistakes. In truth, no one is, but this is how we learn and to be afraid of mistakes is to be afraid of the possibility for growth.  
In gymnastics each flip and twist Must be precise one mistake could cost it all bad decisions missed landings  one mistake
Comedy of error indeed it is That often creates terror of sorts Jokes and memes meant for friends and foes More often than not land in family whatsapp groups
Finally President of the United States, Zeus was pleased with himself. Or at least he might have been, had his wife not found out that he had cheated on her.  Again.
Take three steps forwards Realized from years of hard work Fall backwards off the ledge Realized from a downward spiral One morning; a monday morning. Two thoughts; do I live or die?
A game, it started with, To meet your lover in it was a myth. The meeting was probably a coincidence, Now it actually makes sense. I met half of my identity, One I've been searching for since infinity.
her pleasures in the shallows end   as the riptide guarantees 
If I could write a song for you... It would be about who's who and whos not and how I couldn't find me....excited lost and scared it's the rest of my life..... I wanted more..
Never did I think that I wouldstoop so low as to fall intothis deep darkness that doesn't endthis coldness that punctures the soul.This is all my fault, my fault thatnow you don't want to talk to me.
One, two, three let me lay in bed and count. four, five, six the mistakes I've made with you. seven, eight, nine I would take them all back. ten, eleven, twelve each one just as bad as the last.
Dear Little Sister,You’re not so little now,And you never really were.You’re still 3 minutes younger,So what I say is still true. But,Dear Little Sister,just like how you aren’t so little anymore,Things have changed between us.Such asA rift as str
It was there under an old Maple Tree where he'd promise he'd be. He kept that promise but I did not. For it was another man that took my heart   He promised me gold and silver He made my every wish come true.
The Biggest Mistakes I Made in my First Long-Term Relationship i gave up my happiness in order to help make him feel whole
  20 years on earth I've made ton of sorry things like I've been soaked in the world of mistakes.   Not being an eye candy amazingly beautiful was a mistake
It must feel great that your life has a soundtrack Forget responsibilities, you'd rather sit back Relax, just be a character not claiming any agency How are you your own side role? Wake up, you ain't no baby
i'm growing tired of writing,but not for writings sakejust the printed words
I hope I forget your eyes And that I couldn't look way. I hope I forget your smile Because it makes me wish you'd stay.   I hope I never call you  When its late and I can't sleep.
Holding a vessel of emotion I stood firm in my dilemma Without a single thought in mind I clutched the vessel With a shivering hand Wanting to crush it To set the emotion Free from the cells
Word after word
I’m not a machine. I make mistakes. Hell, even a computer makes mistakes. But unlike their errors, I don’t need you to fix mine. I am my own programmer.  Making the necessary
On the rooftop of a closed shop, He thought hops to her tube top. Nonstop they both spit swap, And the next prop is the countertop. Him on top, Again nonstop, Until the condom pops,
    The dependency comes with a tendency for me to come back to you,
Words never meant to be heard by my earsBut if they concern me, how are they not?If my best friend's voice is heardWhispering mine behind a curtainDoes not my moral compass remain unscathed?
The biggest mistake That I ever made Was letting you control me Like your own pathetic toy. None of it was worth it. I never should have let you in. But now I caged myself Into my own torture.
Our clock is tickingAs our last years are coming to an endA time when we leave our childhood years,When we leave all our old friends.The old tree diesAnd the new roots beginAs we part our separate ways
I joined the Lincoln soccer team this year My position for the team was goalie I blocked the blazing ball and heard the cheer Then the mistake I made was unholy  
You're walking home from the store It's burning on the pavement floor You have this sudden urge, what for? To pick it up and smoke it   You've never cared to try it When "peer-pressure" as they call it
After a game of playful looks and bashful talks On a night of a friends birthday He blurted out for me to be his I, too quickly, accepted To only find out that we were determined to block out another
The dagger thatyou jolted into my heart is not going to be stuck inside your ice cold soul Every last drop of love left rains down with the blood dripping from the wound
I was always confuse....lost....naïve.....dumb. I was always the girl to get it last. Looking back, I was blinded by love. I reached for the stars& hold onto the broken ones.
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