An Accident With Good Intentions

Words never meant to be heard by my ears
But if they concern me, how are they not?
If my best friend's voice is heard
Whispering mine behind a curtain
Does not my moral compass remain unscathed?

But then what you hear what I'm about to reveal
When you hear the words that I happened to hear
You won't even consider thinking ill of me.
You'll think ill of her, and only of her.

She whispered my name and then she giggled
And he whispered that he hated her for it.
Intrigued about this, I continued to listen
Worried about my boyfriend, I held my breadth.

She whispered something about "everyone knowing"
She told him that he must continue "or else"
She whispered that if he ever stopped
That then she would tell everyone his secret.
What secret? I wondered to myself
But then I realized what she meant.

She knew what nobody could ever knew.
And she was blackmailing him.
So I ran in, pulling aside the curtain.
And I punched her, right in the gut.
She keeled over, grasping her stomach
And began to puke onto the ground.

I walk to her and lean over her body
And I punch her again, this time in the side.
I get down on my knees and hold her close to me
I spit in her face and breath in her vomit. 

What the hell is your problem, raping my boyfriend?
How the hell did you think you could get away with this?
How dare you coerce him into doing such things!
Why would you dare betray your best friendship?

And then I fell over, curled in a ball
And my boyfriend came over and held me in his arms.
He kissed the top of my head and breathed in my ear,
"You are the best girlfriend that I've ever had
Thank you for always being there for me."

And so I cried and I cried, and I cried in his shoulder.
But little did I know that it wasn't at all what I thought
And little did I know that she wasn't the blackmail.
Little did I know that she was the one
That was trying to help him get out of it.

For he didn't want me to worry, so he didn't tell me
And he instead went to my right hand girl for help.
And when I found this out I went straight to the hospital
I bought her pink roses and cried on her sleeping body.
And her fingers ran accross mine, squeezing my hand
And bringing me comfort.


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