I Took Flight in the Same Path

Holding a vessel of emotion

I stood firm in my dilemma

Without a single thought in mind

I clutched the vessel

With a shivering hand

Wanting to crush it

To set the emotion

Free from the cells

Of heartbeats

But darkness roared

From the geysers of the past

that was left afloat

On the surface

Of my eternity


Received the chance

To take a different turn

In the same corner

Of hopelessness

Breathing desperation

Unwilling to take the risk

I took flight

In the same path

That devastated

The structure of my life

Into small fragments

Of sadness

In the halls of my voice box

And in the rooms of my throat

Wingless words congregated

Forming a crowd

Of unspoken concern

And misplaced guilt

Making me breathless

As if a single day

Would not pass by

Without painfully coughing

Wasted love

On the floor of

Unheard miseries


It fills my entire

Reality of conviction

With endless doubts

Will I forever be bounded

By believed sarcasm

That truly is sincerity

Coated with false desires?

I knelt down to the floor

With my shaken world

Again in the same part

Of the movie I was in

Feeling hopeless

And meaningless



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