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To me you're the sun,And you're right that it's fun,Now in exactly the way that you'd think.Like stretching out just right,In a puddle of light,With a snack, a book, and a drink.
The heat wasn't working in my apartment today Which normally would be just fine Because see I like it a little cold A little cold is just fine you see But it wasn't just a little cold
Sometimes I just want to wrap myself in poetry. Curl into a ball so small you hardly notice as you pass by. Curl up inside the stanzas Cozily cocooned in imagery Allow myself to be swallowed by it
nothing turns into something im surrounded with grey rays of dim light a storm cloud looms over my head they catch the rain but the storm doesnt pass my clothes are soaked and my mascaras running
Hello, rainforest In wet season I write you While the clouds pour rain And by the terrain, I sit I am glad it's very warm
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
Fallen leaves and autumn trees A chilly November dawn When dreams won't take flight and wintry whispers wake A man sits alone  
A room awash with warmth. Tea steaming within a porcelain cup. Quiet resounds henceforth. Everything is looking up. No people now. No thoughtless phrases to cause harm. I'm alone, yet somehow
One foot in front of the other.  Boots crunch golden, brown, red leaves.  One foot in front of the, another.  Wind carries smoke from wood fire.  One foot in front of, one another. 
Because I love you, I will stay with you When we end up far apart, that won't stop my heart form loving you the way I do I'll let you be free, never to be caged Letting your dreams be free to roam as a wild stalian
In the coldest Winter you were the coat that kept me warm Made from many patches all my favorite colours   I trust you like the fire treading through snow storms With your embrace comes wisdom
i watch the hurried world go by a somber and sweet sight people pass with eyes glaring down as the sky kisses the earth   my heart sinks to the bottom of a dark and empty world
A melody played on the wind Tangles itself amongst the smoke Air crisp with cedar pine Still cold while the sun has broke   A gentle lull of a new day Rousing all from slumbers full  
Close your eyes, Breathe in deep, Shut out the world, Listen to the beat. Earbuds in and volume up, I lean back and listen. Slow down my heart beat, Expand my constricted lungs,
Love: Human connection The exhilarating feeling of being close to someone Two souls, finding each other amidst the chaos of this world Two hearts, beating as one
I could live without, but I don't want to. I couldn't start my day right, and my nights wouldn't be the same. The heat wouldn't run through my veins, not through me at all. Life would drag,
I am fire Wild and unforgiving  Soothing yet destructive My lips? They cannot be sealed I cannot be contained I started out as a match Insignificant, quiet But now I am a raging inferno
Around us is only warmth. Inside me is only one sound. We can see colors contrast,Breaking through our windows.Winter has turned to spring,Summer yet to come.
"Fireworks" you murmured That summer afternoon Wrapped in your arms on the couch  A kiss that ended so soon   It was my first with you Beforehand didn't matter
A smile on my friend's silly face, A warm, happy hug, an embrace A child's laughter and joy, And their play with a toy.   A simple meal and a chair, A kind word, not a stare,
We are black and white Light and dark Angels in halos Of the conflicting sort   I am the black Hiding in light's shadow Wishing and waiting for when I shine too  
  Crossed Paths             An Open Rift             Shattered among all             Forcibly in perkiness             A stone  
I feel the breeze   A brush of stinging air   My breath steams through   Like smoke in the atmosphere   Your eyes raw  
His eyes are like home, A warm place, A fresh breath of air, That let her know he was safe. His smile is lovely, A sweet sound, A good mood, That let her know he would share happiness.
The confederation had beliefs quite skewed They wanted all policies to be renewed But the union wishes to unite ones thoughts
you're warm
Can you feel its' touch?
The soft touch of warm skin Tenderness and comfortable smiles Hand-in-hand with him Living in the moment Feeling of infinite and endless happiness Cuddling and forgetting the world
Society has this picture, a picture thats perfect. Some are blessed with it, even though they dont deserve it. Sometimes I wonder how did I miss the drawing, its probably because im too busy in the background ooo-ing & aww-ing.
Once again Autumn is upon Leaves are changing, colors blossom trees nestle into their winter shell Year after year, I've always viewed things with such blind eyes just a tree, just a color,
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Willingly time is not ending, Separated are the hallow gaps of evergreen trees, A thin line of mutual grace, at the face of an abandoned cliff. Stands the breath of a lone wolf, calling to the premature night sky, 
For powerFor lustFor selfForsakenForgotFor peaceFor loveFor othersForgivenFortuneForever
When you see light breaking through the trees; When you see hope among the distance leaves; When you see a smile that never fades; When you see stars in the darkest shades;
The algae, the moss, and the mud. While they could never understand the chemical reactions going on inside our heads, They remain ever accepting of our presence.
Tales like foxtails pepper my mind And I find that naked the wind hurts But clothed not so much.
Looking around the world was like looking at a wound . So terrifing alot of pain , so awful that i could not look at it the second time.As a homeless child ,it was a disaster of life.
End of the day Beginning of the night Bird’s aerial north Neither misplacement nor mistake World at a firm Streets at allay Peaceful and scenic
  A sea foam cardigan covered her beautiful tan skin She approched me with no knowlege that I existed, So I made my presence known in an instant, 
The drone of fans awakes you from your sleep And light sneaks in around your windowsill. The chill of night the new day will not keep, Yet work must start where all the blades are still.
Birds chirping everywhere Leaves coming out of trees Grass in the Air
Sweater vest You are the best You keep my arms cool While warming my chest
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