'O Captain my Captain Scholarship Poem' '2018'

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You showed me kindness.  You showed me patience.  I was bullied  for writing how I felt.  I was ashamed of who I was.    I broke.  I bent.  I fell.  So deep 
  I walked into a cold and lonely room It reeked of middle school drama and over-used axe spray
They cut through rough waters To support me, their daughter.
She bore, life. First two, expected. A third, sweet baby girl don't you know you're unintentional. But oh how she'll love you all the same.   Daughter. I am hers and
I feel myself push and push and push My hands glide through the water Creating a current to push me forward I’m slowly losing energy Each lap becomes tougher and tougher
He was ten with his face always stuck in a book Tales of wizards overcoming abuse at home and having adventures with friends to help him escape his problems, 
Influence is leadership The Leadership of My God influenced me   He washed me clean With the Holy Blood of His Son I am clean and pure
A friend who teaches, a person you trust. Helping you when you need it most and giving you all when you have nothing to give. Those who teach and help with nothing in return Everyone needs help when things get too tough
I always wondered why you’d waste a dish on chips when napkins would do Always seemed like a waste to me But I understand now that the dish can be used time and time again While a napkin is but one time use
My dad motivates me to keep striving and to never quit And he likes to do things with me  He gives me real life situations to solve   My dad makes me do stuff I don't want to do But he helps me too
My mentor's name is Lebron James I look up to him in may ways Such as how he helps his community  He donates over 1 million dollars to school and charity events I want to be able to do the same
My mentor's name is Lebron James I look up to him in may ways Such as how he helps his community  He donates over 1 million dollars to school and charity events I want to be able to do the same
i know i shouldn’t be mad at the sick for being so. He is the victim of His world and earns my undying pity,
O Social justiceWhat do you mean to meFor I am just a student with stage frighthaving to practice linesfor projects multiple timesalone in the night  
Because the shift dress remained to be a hassle, I wore capris instead.  How else was I to ride my bike if my dress was too tight?! This was a story I would always hold in my heart dearly about my grandmother. 
My family motivates me to drive forward through everything. Giving things my all and help me know I can do anything I set my mind on.  They can also tell me when I do wrong because they have been young too
Oh sister of mine YOu make my heart shine What would I do without you You are my honey and glue You're doing a 9-5 just so I can stay with you  You lead and show me the way
Years spent Guilt-ridden, powerless,  Watching my country turn on itself. Neighbor against neighbor against those who need help. Bowing my head in shame, Only to see my white skin,
When will you find out That things are not going south I don't know when it came in  For love is just a sin I've never felt the same Since that day I'm not so tame I get a rush here and there
We have never met, yet you influence my life like no one else. Thank you. You taught me to be a dreamer, for those who do not dream are lost. Thank you.
Have you ever seen the wonder That brightens a child’s face? In front of a huge plexi-glass window Watching. Wide eyes, innocently bright, Absorbing everything And not blinking for a second in fear
When there's a knock on the door, or a phone call followed by silence. When your faith has been shaken and you can't do anything about it. All you know is that the dead don't return.
You thought me to be confident  Always told me to be honest  Show how to respect others You always say to be strong To be a leader You take care of me  Always love me  Never give up on me
You gave birth to me when I was young When I was down you picked me up    Everyday as the sun goes down  I just think about how many times you help me    When I look in your eyes all I see is tears 
Everybody has someone that they admire. A person that helps them, a person that inspires. They can be good, as they can be bad But for me, that person is my dad.  
to the voice inside my head, do you take pleasure in telling me that I am alone?  alone. alone. alone. are you happy when my lungs collapse in on themselves and my eyes burn with tears and my hands shake?
The absence that grew From the moment that door closed, Stayed with me and grew more and more each day.
You’ve taught me all there is to know about life itself.
The wind blows by and takes my heart, In the clove of years, I am stuck here. I am not sure what my heart wants; It's a trench of feelingd trapping me, I am not sure what my heart wants.
I didn’t notice you at first and if I did it was through scrapes and bug bites a too tight ponytail
When we are young, We learn to read and write, Look at the page, And watch the words take flight   And in those words We find the self within Through highs and lows 
Hiding in the bathroom,  plugging my ears to the noise;  frightening sounds would consume my imagination.  Creeping down the hallway,  family's attention employed by the telivision's screenplay 
What ever happened Harsh word Screaming voices Raised hands Shoving down   Why it happened Slamming doors
Captain America has inluenced me so much He has taught me how to be a great leader He has also taught me character I wish to become like him someday Captain America has influenced me so much
How did you know? "Oh Honey, I can see it in your eyes --your soul was made for so much more than the mundane." These simple words imposed upon my mind In a way that changed the way I live.
Let water run deep.  Let my river run like my feet as far they can go going with the flow.   Just another water drop, another person in a mob. Immersed in the vast expense
O, captain, my captain, you hold up the sails, To my little boat, where I can see the whales. You steer me near to where I want to go, And keep all things steady and go-with-the-flow.
Salty tears run down my face I finished last in this long race You had vansihed without a trace. My stomach tight, my mouth tart I lost your love, your reckless heart Now someone else has a head start.
Defined by others before I could ever define myself Put down by others before I had the chance to ever get up  Existence with no purpose They say i'm a triple threat to society All I did was attend school
A simple smile / Warmer than the sun on my skin / For you I'd swim a mile. / You're a flower in the winter / Too cold to move / Too weighed to stand tall. / A weight to take, / to make my own, / though shadows pass / and the pain grows.
She brought me to life Took care of me when I couldn't But most importantly loved me when I wouldnt. She held me for nine months
You carry the expectations of your country wherever you go Only eighteen when you set foot on the world stage As millions of hopeful eyes watched, you fell Time after time, you hit the ground   
She walks through time Life She breathes Tainted With uncertainty   Her eyes wonder Wavering hearts
I sit in the back of a dimly lit room Dancers swiftly move in unison in front of  me Staring at her gleaming costume I never thought I would be free   My eye met the movement inquisitively
    You were always there. Guiding me, leading me to victory. Without you all would be history.   Your voice echoes in my head.
She does not sit on a throne But that doesn’t mean she isn’t deserving of one   She does not wear a crown, but her head of hair is as beautiful as gold and as soft as silk
Who do we look up to? Who is the person that makes our energy rise and motivates us to do something? For me it's not a "who" For me it's a "what" My motivation rises from the success of others
 Let yourself love you.  Your past mistakes do not define who you are.  If you make a goal, follow through.  Because self pity doesn't get you far.  And feeling happy is somehting you're allowed to do.   
Here I am all grown up Influenced by your love, your compassion, your intelligence You are my everything  Good or bad, you will be there My night and day, the thing I know will stay 
They always told us our bodies were temples/ but never taught us how to read the Scriptures           /mother teach me of pain of sorrow/  that carves these bodies into boats/
On June 18th, 2010, in my third grade class, I wrote On June 20th, 2010, in the family room, I spoke:   T errific father I ncredible baseball catcher
On June 18th, 2010, in my third grade class, I wrote On June 20th, 2010, in the family room, I spoke:   T errific father I ncredible baseball catcher
I don't know that I've had one true mentor. Thousands of have influenced my life- family and teachers, friends and strangers. But among all these influences, I'd say strangers have the biggest impact.
Drown have I,  In the depths of my darkest thoughts, The words you spoke, Roared through silenced waters, The kindness in your smile, Lit up the darkness I had swallowed and never spit out.  
I turn to you When I have a day Full of unkind human beings Selfishly demanding things I cannot give them and who do not care how polite I am.   I turn to you When I can no longer stand
My Grandmother, My Hero, who taught me to  never give up. She taught me to  find the good in every situation My Grandmother, My Hero, always says wakeup  and go after your goals, and be patient.
My own mother, her heart of gold, Her mind of Iron, on my future she's sold. I try and I try, no doubt about that, but pouring my heart out still leaves me flat. I need this now, don't you see,
Its been a hard day A lot of emotions going around I can't stand down I have to say it out loud DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT I know my hands are down But I would like to stay alive a little longer
You told me I couldn’t because you couldn’t You told me I shouldn’t because he should Your fists told me not to try I didn’t listen, even as they told me again   The bench was cold The hours were long
Mom you know I’ve loved you since birth You’re my favorite woman on mother earth You always helped me when trouble bubbled up and stress doubled
The Grey World   The world we met, colorless faces were all that were set, To us he said, to treat our lives with respect. Even if we felt,
One Mistake… It was one little mistake. Amidst years of training and finally getting to a college level, I had to sit out. I had to wait.
She has a heart like thunder, That booms conspicuously. A heart so loud, it touched even these faint ears. She helped lead me on a path I didn’t know I wanted to go on. She found in me,
class began at age ten plus three you taught me math lessons with calories from you, the victor, I learned history
My heart skips a beat-- Two, three. My stomach plummets Rolling down, low. Sharp pains in my brain, Tingling spirals down my spine.  
your words have spoken to me the loudest not in volume but in depth not in tone but in intelligence you are always around
Standing still while the world goes 'round Different, yet similar, nothing new to be found. All I hear are snickers and laughs, Enough to send me running and hurting my calves.   
When I start to stray from my path you're there for me. You're always helping me even when I can't see. When I wake up there is always a smile on you face. And no matter what, I notice that even with a life this fast paced.
even my confusion is abstract. I never took art class, so I don't know how to interpret myself.  like I'm a Dead Sea Scroll- I feel ages old.  coffee-stained.  other people try to crack my code, but what
These colored pencils were here before me  Still buttery smooth blending every hue After all what would a beach be  Without a dozen different shades of blue    You were never one for the road
Through all her pain and tremendous struggles she leads her children to be the warriors we were born to be Through the time I lived in a poor area she led me to follow my education and stay on the right path
In the mirror I see you, The crinkle of my eyes, The shape of my nose.   I fight everyday for those like you. They lay in my hospital bed, Alarms and chaos surround them.  
What does the future hold? Walking on the path untold. My achievements, I am ready to unfold. Excitement as to whom I will become when I'm old.
Unique... I first learned to use this word to describe my family situation. "No, no, no-- you've got it all wrong!
Oh you who speaks, But does not breathe. Oh you who teaches, But does not learn. Oh you who moves, But goes no where.   Imagination holds power You said long ago
The close leaders in my life Always fail and disappoint The distant leaders in my life Do not recognize my existence   The matriarchs of my family
An icon, but she’s not just pretty. Originally known as Norma Jeane, Marilyn Monroe proved she was witty. The fifties, you could see her in any scene.
Mister, Your hands traced the path of the woman I became.   Reluctantly saying “no”, I’ve come to easily point out the looks of carelessness,
At grade nine, You heard my wails through the stalls, You saw my tears as they dropped, You said six words I won’t forget, ”You’re worth more than just a score”, Now at grade twelve,
From the moment of my birth My first everything was with the fam My ma and pa, my first teachers What do you mean to me? I got my morals from you And so much love to share with the world
You always wrapped me in an embrace that screamed reassurance Your words would bouce off me like light refelcting off a piece of glass When no one understood me you listened and spoke words of wisom, of comfort 
On the first day of school I walked into a physics room Being here, I was such a fool Not aware that I will face doom   Prothro launched projectiles
The rain fell on me, But you were my umbrella. Teachers, I thank you.
You were a general, And we, your willing soldiers; I knew from day one That I would follow you Anywhere. You led us into battle, Not against others but Against ourselves.
You came like a breeze, A small caressing touch of cool wind, Refreshing under such suppressive heat. It was not until then, That I was choking on the air I breathed, Or tearing at the day,
Time is wind, flowing through me Some inspire me to fly Push against my senses Take that bottomless leap into nothingness   At the edge of the precipice
The sun shines forever Sweet smell in the wind Still, quiet.   Waves crash against the rocks But are silenced, by that of the quiet talk of the people.   The Grass is wet with dew
As a young sprout grows   many try to sufficate and manipulate    yet you, my wind, my light   guide me through the land mines.   
That year, all I remember Are words Mountains and mountains Piled together A deliciously constructed sundae   I had always loved them Taking strolls And admiring the pretty syllables.
it's funny  when i was younger i wished for a Barbie dreamhouse not realizing i had one all along as i drive away you become small in the back mirror my own dollhouse where i first learned to crawl, walk, run
Match strikes box Friction becomes flame Slowly, steadily The hand stretches to reach its goal.   1920s, New York A young woman,
Dear faceless words, You've given me so much.  Your voice changes with what you say,  An echo of your many names. As a wandering traveler, you taught me to see beauty.
The mastery of diligence  A right amount of playful intelligence  Tales of what it must be  Peering clear into the sea    Lessons passed with fervor Influencing the curious observer 
Society can be vile and cruel, Leaving you insecure and bruised. Looking up ahead, You see her, So young and so beautiful. The flow in her long dark hair, Most days you wanted to be her.
When I was 7, I wanted to be a singer.
You are smaller than you used to be. Did the world consume to much of you? Did it wear away at the outside of your soul,  searching with desperation  dragging it's soiled nails along your chest
My intro to baseball began with my Dad. And he was always proud of his lad. The next coach I had was a really bad pill He will forever be burned in my head, ole Coach Bill.
Past: A girl. Afraid. Terrified of her own self, Because it had become the unknown.
Let me make a toast! But first, please pour yourself a drink.   Now, let me begin with the achievers: To all who get up in the morning with a plan to conquer their fears,
Can a book really speak, well not in verbal words. It can speak from it's pages, whether in sonnets, or poems.  Words spoken from the heart can always guide you. Whether the words be sad or happy,
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