Something more

Fri, 10/05/2018 - 20:32 -- Justina



You were always there.

Guiding me, leading me to victory.

Without you all would be history.


Your voice echoes in my head.

Wisdom fills within my ears.

You cancel out the screams of my fears.


To me you are more than just a mentor,

no you are something more.

Something that I can’t live without.


I can’t imagine a day without you,

the day would be pointless.

Waking up would be pointless.


You taught so many things

about being yourself,

being weird and unique.


It doesn’t matter if you are out of sync.

You taught me to make my own path.

To fight my way through the jungle of life.


Its okay to be vulnerable.

To unveil the mask I wear everyday.

To put an end to my masquerade.


I appreciate the things you taught me

even though you’re younger than me,

but age doesn’t matter.


Age never shattered

our bond and connection.

I’m glad I had time to write this reflection.


About a sister I treasure most

That goes beyond comprehension.

That no one would be able to understand.


Or fathom

To be blessed to have an opportunity.

To have a mentor as inspiring as she is.

Without her knowing herself

How powerful she can be.

It may be hard for her to see.


But to me she is

Something more

Than just a simple mentor.


She’s my sister and best friend

until the end.


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My family
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