O Captain

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Macie Moore,  there are not enough words to describe her love she made the exhausting workouts work outs almost like a warm hug
Macie Moore,  there are not enough words to describe her love she made the exhausting workouts work outs almost like a warm hug
sweat beads down my face my stomach churns my brain a flurry trembling anxious depressed and nervous walking up all i could think about was his fist
Standing by faith, igniting the experience with others Thank you for challenging me to be more Encouraging a greater focus-delving deeper into faith Thank you for being supportive, genuine, and present
The Love of Learning has paved my way my mother brushed my hair the hairbrush hung from a chain a weak attempt to not lose something in this house of Chaos six children spilling from the walls
The time creates a clock That ticks Ticks like the problems in my life That stick With you it scrubs away That’s it And my heart flicks on Like a switch You impacted my life
From the streets of Tirana to the rivers in Podgorica, You are always on my mind, My Dada who left me so soon how long you stay in my heart,
Last night she told me yellow is The color of her soul And I think she is right, because Lighting is art. That is what she taught me Along with: ice-cream Is okay to eat for breakfast,
The tide rises and falls, they say, Wiping the steps from the sand. Yet those powerful and sure will stay.  
The hot in your breath melted  my being I stood there,  catching the gooey pieces of my body  quickly collecting it into my black suede purse in hopes to make it whole again, sometime soon.
My Mom is a meteor She tries to make life easier  Her impact on my life is deep  She conforts me when I can't sleep She helps me when I feel crappy  taht some how makers her happy to sacrifice so much 
Waves They power through thick and thin Have ups and downs Reaching the sand, then pulling back in You, you encouraged and pulled me back in A million times, a million chances You never left my side
Agriculture is a part of me, It's been there since birth. Dad helps me feel free, Mom shows me the worth, And my Uncle teaches me everything I know. My Grandfather shows me how to fence;
The last time I saw you,you were shriveled up with your hands held tight You know I thought about you tonight "never accept a wooden nickel," is all you would say 
To the woman who inspires me, You are worth more than you know. Your love and support have changed my life for the better. You have lifted me up, Even if that meant supressing yourself.
Dahlia, My Love You carry on through the rain While persevering through the shine No matter how the storm rages You manage to bloom each and every time
you were the first one that was happy to help.  the first one to not be upset  at the removal of your time, for the improvement of my life.   You were the first one who listened to me. 
Every little girl Has a common dream To start out as a princess And grow into a queen   As a little girl I looked up to my dad He treated me like a princess He was like my comrade
Have you ever seen the wonder That brightens a child’s face? In front of a huge plexi-glass window Watching. Wide eyes, innocently bright, Absorbing everything And not blinking for a second in fear
God is an inspiration to me because he has been inspiration to me since I was 13. God has blessed me with family that actually loves me. God has shown me signs everywhere I go and where I need to be.
So many thoughts flood my mind  I look to the sky and ask God "one more time?"   I made it a habit to search for love, acceptance, and comfort in others  
Since I was a little girl,I asked myself,"Who do I look up to?"I believed the person I'd look up toWould be my teacher, Mrs. Garza:Mrs. Garza taught me everything I needed to know.
Honey, I'll be home late it's PTAtreasurybacktoschoolnightformebacktoschoolnightforyoursisterandalsoafreeconcertat8! The computer is calling me And could you stir the broccoli? It's burning  
When my brain  leaks out my eyes. and I work so hard  my spirit dies When the end  seems so far and I lose sight of  what's around the bend I give up, give in,
Fear My best friend and worst enemy My number one motivator My number one hater Fear I love you for taking me on this journey in life
I once had a dream I could fly. Soaring above the fields of green that swayed with the wind.
Dear Anxiety, You've always been there, in the back of my mind.  Watching, waiting, listening. Biding your time until you felt it was time to come out. Watching me go through life, Waiting for me to do something risky, Listening to everything I sa
What is more powerful than a Mother’s love? Only God in heaven above A Mother’s love will never ever stop, she is determined to see you rise to the top.  A Mother’s heart is like a rare gem, that is so precious and bold
To the person that has inspired me throughout my life, just by being yourself your actions said more words than  I can say. Teaching me how to act like a student, a family member, 
Fear, Loneliness, fragmented, relationship is with utmost uncertainty. It plays games with you to the point of frustration. Looking at the mirror ahead,
Since you said I didn't get you anything this year and I am too young to buy beer, I thought that I would write you this, and give you a big ol kiss. Mom you are the best Mom of all, even though you are not very tall.
Life was never easy  With a daughter like me  I used to smile everyday Now, I just feel defeat  I was scared and alone  Something was wrong with me  I didn't feel like I should stay in this world 
To you who art most living with the word Who hides in the shadows of Time and Death I’ll pay a fine tribute that thou incurred
Oh you who speaks, But does not breathe. Oh you who teaches, But does not learn. Oh you who moves, But goes no where.   Imagination holds power You said long ago
Bravery takes courage.   Bravery is not given. I start out empty - empty of bravery. Bravery is not natural, especially for me.   I learn, learn from others, that bravery is good.
The mastery of diligence  A right amount of playful intelligence  Tales of what it must be  Peering clear into the sea    Lessons passed with fervor Influencing the curious observer 
They want to see me, in what filter? I may never know. They want to know me. To what extent? Only God can show. Was I ever taught adulthood, if I was, could I show... my dreams, aspirations, things that I barely know.
I feel the pressure, day in and day out On the stage where I can be myself A place where I feel loved and supported I feel like i have nothing holding me back
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