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It's a dance where no one touches each other They acknowledge that each other exists But they disagree on the beginning who or what created us   This dance changes depending on the subject
Sometimes I find myself Asking myself What kind of horror,
Yer touch upon my brow, so kind and tentativeall those days under the warmth of the sun. I felt the scorching sand between my toes,and I knew yer energy then, and I hid.How good are ya oh holy Set, the deity of We,
    Now: Lay me down Let me sleep I pray You keep my soul Keep me safe
Dear God, Why have you made me this way? What is the purpose? You say that those like me; We are to burn. You don’t make mistakes,
Peace is seeing the cross before me The 3-D Cross why it comforts me. Peace is hearing the music of renewal a feeling so rejuvenating, so true. Peace is the smell of the beautiful flowers
תשובה (Teshuva)   The truth is, I am not sorry. I will not apologize For the skirt that hangs above my knees Or the lipstick tinged with feminism. I will not sit shiva
God is as real as God is fiction, The very act of beleiveing, can make anything very real, such as the fear of spiders,  as some of us own and handle them, others flee at the very sight of them.
  What if my mission is to disturb the comforted  and comfort the disturbed? What if my mission is to sadden the happy  and excite the sad?
“Be thankful,” you say “That I’m still friends with you” As if my very presence could unravel everything you’ve worked so hard to build
Pardons are Unjust Justified by a Claim that Mercy is a Must   Pardons ignore the busted face of my wife and silence the cries of my child's life why would a God, servant of the lame  
How do you expect me to be faithful When I open my eyes and you’re never there? When I draw in the air around my nostrils, Filling my lungs But there is no scent of you to be found.
My heart has been hardened against you, Lord. Calcified remains of a once beating organ. My eyes cannot see you, Lord. Cannot see past the disillusionment of the ages. My map cannot find you, Lord
Why does it take tragedy, to learn a human lesson? Why wait until the damage is done before any stride is taken to lessen, it? National attention only comes to a common issue
Culture and Religion should be kept separate. 
Talking to you Wondering if You still know my name. Begging you to stay, But questioning if You were even here in the first place. I would preach Your holy name, I would ask for forgivness.
  I may have believed in God But I always thought the devil was a farce Sitting in the cramped closet of a church for Sunday School
dear divinity~ were you there for the worlds calamity? were you there for the savegry?..for humanity? were you there, watching the catastrophy? were you there divinity?...no. you were never there.
dear divinity~ were you there for the worlds calamity? were you there for the savegry?..for humanity? were you there, watching the catastrophy? were you there divinity?...no. you were never there.
Jeremiah 29:11 " 'For I know I have plans for you' -Declares the lord- 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope
I have never known what kind of person I am Except that I like to be alone, And that loneliness is my best friend. There has never been a time that I was not relieved To feel my tears stain mascara to my cheeks.
I’ve tried to find jesus but for me he’s not on every  piece of toast,  just some of the billboards. you know the ones
Dear blue-haired girl, working at the movie theatre in Bloomingfield, Indiana, I hope the tattooed name on your wrist does not become a stain on your skin.
Dear God I am so afraid I am so afraid of being wrong Not saying 2+2=3 But of being so damn wrong in who I am So damn wrong in my choices
An old Jewish folktale says that words are feathers set loose in the wind; once free, you can never take them back. I had forgotten that story. But my words are poison ivy rather than feathers.
Why some people hate othersin the name of religion.Religion does not teach to hate anybody.Religion teaches how to live together.Religion teaches how to live the life.
Some people say that history is boring But I say history is roaring With life long gone by Where they see bore I see great intrigue and more
I stood before the world and the world said to me: You are black to you are a gangbanger. I stood before the world and the world said to me: You are asian so you are a geek.
"I wake up everyday looking upon the creations as they build. I see that they are smart and I receive chills.
Water fell from my eyes Thoughts of hope actons of needy Crown on my head is the prize Eating every word of God, not reedy Consume my life with your works Baptized in spirit an righteousnss
You probably wonder why I put you through all of these things
I am meA human being, he made me beIn this world I play the game of lifeNot as easy as the board game, but that's alright 
I've been an exception from the day I was born  coming out- one more being native American- one more  the head doesn't work without the pills- one more nobody told us that the declaration had a clause 
I remember hearing stories of a Country wherein the citizens were free To love and believe in whoever they So desired, but that was in the past.
When I was born the stars told me that I was going to be everything I wanted to be. They spoke so soft ad kind I knew that discovering myself would be hard to find.
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