The Five Senses of Doubt

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 01:05 -- patton7

How do you expect me to be faithful

When I open my eyes and you’re never there?

When I draw in the air around my nostrils,

Filling my lungs

But there is no scent of you to be found.

When I unconsciously wait for your sound waves 

To vibrate against my eardrums 

But all I’m stuck with is the incessant ringing.

When I want to cling to you so dearly, to be reassured by your warmth

But I meet nothing in my disappointed fingers.

When I expect to taste the saltiness on my lips after a peck on your cheek

But I am flooded with the salty tears that question your existence.

How do you expect me to be faithful?

Love me, you say.

Trust me, you say.

I cannot trust this flesh, it’s deceiving.

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