The StarBreather


United States
34° 17' 1.824" N, 85° 52' 8.7348" W

When I was born the stars told me that I was going to be everything I wanted to be.

They spoke so soft ad kind I knew that discovering myself would be hard to find.

I was good and pure until about a year ago when I found a sun with a diming glow.

I never expected that little sun to never allow me to experience night.  The everlasting days were an endless fight.

Being torn and thrown like a little rag doll was not what the stars intended at all.

Destined for better and greater days I slowly began to start changing my ways.

I seemed so lost and suddenly found after my old world came crashing down.

My heart was torn from this supernova and I neglected to realize when I thought my star was a casanova.

The "Nova" I call him was a raging beam of light.  Something I never noticed before I lost all sight. 

Then Suddenly I found myself as a daughter of the Starbreather.  He plucked me up and made me realize in this time I was a misbeliever. 

Once I was shown my own constellation, I began to realize I was living in misconception.

I was trapped in a dark black hole that used its force to gravitate towards my soul.

I found my voice in this long dark year that caused me to make a change to my atmosphere.

I ventured far away from that dim little star and caused me to travel very far.

Then suddenly I landed on the moon and built myself a home from a grand monsoon.

The Star Breather guided me to a better home. One that I could call my own.

As crazy and unreal as it may seem the Star Breather can give you a better dream.

Take my words straight to heart, the stars intend for you to never depart.


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