My Year in Poetry 2016

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Give me a year  I'll exploit it.  I will gladly take advantage.  I will stretch  and squeeze it  and slow down  and freeze it  as much as I can manage.  A year is a precious gift 
Five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes. Some of them we don't remember because we’re deep in sleep. Some we don't remember because our unconscious will not keep.
I fall into the chair, The sound of chattering surrounds me, A hair dryer blows, Snip, Snip, Snip,  
In the hospital. He arrived five minutes ago. A boy not much older than me, With three gunshot wounds.   The brother witnessed it, immediately he Rushed his dying sibling to help.
Before us, it was me.   A hollow house stood on top of riches wider than the eye could see; Nothing would stop me from knocking on the door of the bourgeoisie. The thought of experiencing poverty was frightening,
In my eyes, the world has grown Satisfied with being owned “Who cares?” is the phrase of choice We have a say, but not a voice Our minds are but the mirrors of
My year My year? A roller coaster taking a nose dive off a pier.   I've lost some, Far and near. Some close and dear. But I persevere   I ask myself, why am I here?
The Paradox That Was 2016 Your 2016.  My 2016. The year of attacksThe year of deathThe year of Trump.
Expectations coaxe fears into reality. Hide behind the beveled glass. Responsibility ruins entitlement. Summer still hazy in my sights. Falsely rose, greying at the edges.
You were always there To imagine life without you was impossible Because it was all I ever knew So now that things are different I have learned how to appreciate
The difference that love can make Could shift tectonic platesThe difference between Hot and cold Fear and relieve
I learned So much About my maturity through my art. As I develop a style, As I expand my medium, As I draw less smiles and more true expression, I learn  That I'm seeing the world differently
Change is inevitable  It can haunt us Like a demon in the night You can try and take flight But somethings you must grow with From years of being a witness To the abuse, it was all a mess
Three-sixty-fourHas knocked this time With Three-sixty-fiveStill close behind.The day begins
It seems a million years ago I could roam the earth with such confidence and glory. But since the year has gone by, the world I see is spiraling down a dark path.Who knew my world could change so fast, just like the asteroid came and passed- Excep
look down up not good enough  your thighs too flabby stomach always overstuffed  an apple for lunch see it's not so tough  good don’t you feel better now?   look down 
I am a superhero. Well, sort of. My super power doesn't really allow me to see through things Or fly Or give me invisibility
Red is for the blood of our brothers and sisters spilt Orange is for the heightened awareness of global warming Yellow is for the joy felt when our rights were awarded to us Green is for growth of knowledge society 
You always found writing as a form of comfort, and that is something that we still share in common.   Nothing is more cathartic than intertwining ink and paper into a beautiful ballad
I've found that change is a messenger, And it only brings the thing's we've set for. I've found surprizes this year, like every other, But each was not really anything new, but set.
I've found that change is a messenger, And it only brings the thing's we've set for. I've found surprizes this year, like every other, But each was not really anything new, but set.
Do something. Don't just sit there. Twelve months have flown fast. Another year in the past. You complain. This year sucked. Did you do something? Or were you just an observer in your own story?
Last year started like any other But I was different like none of the others I had graduated training and was one of the few that was spending the New Year with their family like it was nothing new
This great big world has gotten bigger With newchallenges, risks, and leaps of courage At times it seems like I lose my place I struggle and fail and cant seem to find the best path Bur I am not lost
Screw you Screw this Cause I haven't win ish I mean for real You know how many scholarship I tried to fill An feel like I'm getting a mouth full of b.s An I'm full off of it An that's now my fuel
I thought I knew who I was just about a year ago  Looking back now, I see how foolish that was to think I allowed a boy to have sovereignty over me  How I thought I was in love and finally complete 
Over time, I've seen hate I've seen resentment and anger If I were asked if I could relate,
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