In my eyes, the world has grown

Satisfied with being owned

“Who cares?” is the phrase of choice

We have a say, but not a voice

Our minds are but the mirrors of

What we read and who we love

Instead of thinking for ourselves

We put our logic on the shelves

And so I ask, to those who read,

Are you in this careless breed?

This isn’t 1984

Democracy demands us more

For having thoughts and none to share

Is kin to having minds of bare

And silence in a time of cries

Is sacrilege in freedom’s eyes

Change is never born in groans

Careless plaints or hasty moans

Whines are but the siren cry

Of those who wait instead of try

If you wish to see a change

Be it just or be it strange

Bless them with your iron will

Progress dies when sitting still

So use your voice instead of tears

Sobbing only pains the ears

Now take your stand instead of whine

Signed a wiser brain of mine


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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