From Dinosaurs To Dust

It seems a million years ago I could roam the earth with such confidence and glory. But since the year has gone by, the world I see is spiraling down a dark path.Who knew my world could change so fast, just like the asteroid came and passed- Except it didn't. I face it every day. I face the struggles of hunger and pain. I face the worry running through my brain. Wondering which day will be my last because I lost everything that kept me going. The asteroid didn't just pass- it smashed into the earth. Repeatedly. An absolute soul wrecking devastation, destroying the world I once knew-Burning into me like an unforgivable memory.I use to not fear the violence. I could not fear that I would die.  But now I do, and nothing is more terrifying than watching the world I know fall apart, day after day after day.Just waiting for that single moment that could end it all for me.  For that time when one day there will be no more dinosaurs to roam the earth. Just the dust that remains.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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