The Paradox That Was 2016

The Paradox That Was 2016

Your 2016.

My 2016.

The year of attacks
The year of death
The year of Trump.

The year of love
The year of health
The year of me.


Thank you for the terror attacks
Thank you for all the lives lost
Thank you for a nation divided.

 Thank you for the weddings I attended
Thank you for the colleges I toured
Thank you for my dads recovery.


I’ll miss the breaking news
and the political ads
and the complaints from my neighbors.

 I’ll miss all of the laughs
and my family together
and all my life long memories.


You have made me angry
and scared
and wondering how much the world can take
in just 365 days.

You have made me happy
and excited
and realizing the world can take the bad
as long as they see the good.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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That was a very great poem. I think you have a lot ahead of you don't ever give up.

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