Has knocked this time
With Three-sixty-five
Still close behind.

The day begins
Like days before,
Ending just to start
The next days morn'.

It's been a year
Nothing has changed
I am still the same
I've only aged.

I've made new friends
I've learned new things
Dealt with everything
My life could bring.


Days in the past

Feels seconds ago

It's gone by fast.


I felt the same
As I do now,
That I'm missing out
On life somehow.

But even still
I laugh and cheer
For another year
Will soon be here

As I look back
To days before
People left behind
Every closed door

I'm glad that I
Am here today
To laugh and to dance
And celebrate

And as this day
Becomes that past
I know this feeling
Will never last.

Tomorrow brings
New exciting things
Great things that will get
My heart to sing.

I hear the knocking of day one
The new year has just begun.

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