Last year started like any other...

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 19:18 -- 1001635

Last year started like any other

But I was different like none of the others

I had graduated training and was one of the few

that was spending the New Year with their family

like it was nothing new

January was my first semester

at the community college I never considered

but as the time grew on my liking did too

the professors cared and made a great impact

with all my years of taking I started to give back

I started my first part time job

a Team Member at a near retailer

with dog food and mower parts

and uncomfortable costumers

who I learned to handle without falling apart

I met someone there too

my first long time romance

with hugs to kisses and kisses to more 

I started to lose myself in the bliss

and the warning signs I ignored

I had my first heart break 

towards the end of this year

I felt betrayal and anger and sad and loss

I felt emotions I didn't think were real

feelings I never thought I'd feel

but the next day when I came into class

everyone was nicer than ever before

without knowing my sadness 

nor seeing the signs

they complimented my talents 

and my day was divine

I ended the year in friendships and fear

knowing the following year I wouldn't be here

I got the call to go and I said okay

and I'm shipping out the second day

but the college will be here when I return

and the strong friendships will never fade

because of the way they were that terrible day

that no matter how long I will be gone

I will fight for them when I come home

because they are the reason I'd even fight

and I never want them to feel alone 

This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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