If I Had a Year

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 12:25 -- Mpaige

Give me a year 

I'll exploit it. 

I will gladly take advantage. 

I will stretch 

and squeeze it 

and slow down 

and freeze it 

as much as I can manage. 

A year is a precious gift 

but many look past 

forgetting their days 

do not indeffinitely last. 

I am a collector of moments 

a hoarder of days 

using each second 

before it slips away. 


Give me a year 

and I'll grow. 

I'll find out 

what I do and do not know. 

I'll learn 

and strive. 

I will hesitate 

and dive 

before I get to where I must go. 

I'll know the ground I walk daily 

and soar to new places, 

study forces upon me

and learn new languages. 

See new cultures up close 

and hold its people much closer. 

Be confident in me 

before I get older. 

I keep my dreams on mountain tops.

If one fails, I've another.

But I'll stand in the valley 

to help out a brother. 


Give me a year 

so I can asses 

what I've done thus far 

to make me my best. 

A year is a tool, 

a guide if you will, 

to measure your heartaches, 

your headaches, and thrills. 

I will not so easily 

let one fall like sand 

a year of my life 

like grains through a hand. 

So give me a year 

and I'll do what I've done 

learning and yearning 

to make it one 

to be remembered 

for what happened to me 

and also what I did 

to improve some degree. 

I don't want to look back 

and see fragments of time 

that I let slip by 

without paying much mind. 

I want to see people 

and countries I've known. 

Experiences I've had 

That have helped me grow. 

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