Love poetry

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I could never write love poems til I met you. Could never describe how it felt to love To love as deeply as I do As I have I could never write love poems without them becoming tear drops on the paper
gay before they made it calm before it quaked so there i like to save em call me luv, call me anything.,   today, on this super full moon i am fire.,   i claim boldly my request desire:
The worst thing happened today The flowers died and the sky turned gray All the sounds of Earth were silent   Except for the storm that turned it violent  I never thought I'd see it die
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
sometimes i write Letters Letters that will never be given Letters that will never truly live Letters that will be hidden or perhaps just thrown away   Letters that will be read by no person but me
My mother was a queen. But my father treated her like a maid. His morals were sharp like the glass plates that shattered on the ground He was a patriarch. My mother was a homemaker,
I could say I don't know much about you. I don't know what your favorite color is or how you spent your childhood or about your best friends. 
We sit on the wave-licked shore, gazing at the blue until we don't know which is sea and which is sky. We know such closeness, the slow disappearing
Some say love's like fireworks Others say love is blind But I say love comes softly And it's all knowing in its kind
Let me write till my fingers are numb, 
The thoughts in my head  Become poems to be read  That can soothe a troubled mind. Awesome. My eyes, fixed on the star-riddled Galaxies of night That I might wonder and
Do not love a man who drinks as if he is invincible (but complains about the hangover);
The walls of my retina are painted your image,  Colored magnificently by your beautiful face,  Your dimples, so simple yet eye captivating,  Oh, I wish to kiss those juicy lips till eternity. 
My life seems different. It seems unreal. Please wake me up I know it's a dream Reality is harsh  And ever so unkind Please don't let go 
I howl in my head before I sleep Howl so loud, afraid it will be heard Howling alone into the pillow Scratching imaginary door to be opened   I miss you like a dog
I was told a lot about lust   That I’d taste my lover on my lips As I lay there in my lonely bed at night I said I’d wipe the flavor from my mouth Love is bitter, dry, and trite  
Between time and space by Ima Rios     Twentyfour: the perfect number the essence of my life and my life... is you.  
My mind is in blank so I cannot write by Ima Ríos   I really want to let you know that I don't know how to say this
I dream of my darling's eyes. Surging explosions of silky brown leaves from the finest tree. Nature is captured within the confines of her precious eyes.   Sweet songs bloom through the mixture
You say I'm sweetBut you're sweeterSweeter than my favorite teaYou belong with meCan't you seeIts as plain as can beWe're simply meant to beYou and meTogether foreverBe with me
When the lights are turned Offthe night sky will dimand fade into black,with no points to pin,all of eternity will haveno fire within.The centuries reborn will extinguish in time,for my love has gonea loss,for all things sublime.and yet my love sh
I write because I'm in love. I am in love. I repeat it to myself daily, An ecstasy of Romantic caliber, A revelry of Classical Dionysian cultics.
You're in the sunlight and it burns.  It burns and you wish you had some other way to deal with it and you look out across the beach.  It's a nice beach, but the sunlight burns and you're
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