A Journey Through Your Eyes


I dream of my darling's eyes.

Surging explosions of silky brown

leaves from the finest tree.

Nature is captured within the confines

of her precious eyes.


Sweet songs bloom through the mixture

of colors that dance with the strands of hair

that reflects across the world

a light made by her eyes.


The mystery of its yellow,

vibrant swirls like a summer's day,

shifting spirals of wood and sun.

These are my darling's eyes.


How they glisten in the sunlight as

diamonds and rubies would shine!

How they mold into the shade

of night and make dreams of my thoughts,

sweet lullabies that echo as I look

into my darling's eyes.


They tell stories only I could know,

whispering secrets to me through

the haze of her angel eyes

that creates the painting of earth and green

on her canvas to sprinkled love to my heart

with batting eyelashing in the sparkling hazelnut world

that I live in when I look in my darling's eyes.


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