So Easily

Some say love's like fireworks
Others say love is blind

But I say love comes softly
And it's all knowing in its kind

It doesn't start with passion
(though eventually in time)

It plants itself inside your heart
And slowly it unwinds

And the longer you're with him
You see him.

You see him as he was, is,
And who he can become.

You aren't blinded from his faults
You find that those are the most
Beautiful things about him

And everything he says or does
Brings him closer to your heart
You see all of him, not just what
He wants the world to see

You see his quirks, his adorable flaws...
And you love him because he's real.
Just like you.

And he loves you cause you're weird
And he loves you cause you're a dork
And he loves you cause you're a clown

And you see the things others don't see.

His unique qualities that others don't.

The way he keeps you smiling
Even when inside he can't or won't.

The way he always puts you first—
The way he shows you he cares.

Instead of just saying it
and doing nothing. He acts.

The way he sees the world is a completely mesmerizing perspective

It's an experience completely different from the one inside your own head

He doesn't expect you to be completely perfect (the way others say you should be)

He likes you perfectly the way
you unperfectly can be.

You live for the moment every time you see him again and he gives you his smile

You love the funny ways he moves his face,


the way his fingers move when he grasps your hand,


the way his eyes sparkle when he sees you,


and the way his lower lip points

slightly to one side when he speaks.

You love the things that make him him,

the things that set him apart
From all the rest.

You love him because you know
That you won't ever meet another person like him.

And that same beautiful person
Is also in love with you

And no matter how hard you try,
You have the hardest time comprehending it

It's like knowing how to breath
But forgetting how it works
The moment you think of it

Then you realize,

that if he is as human as you,

and doubts and worries just like you do.

He thinks that too,

and loves you for real just as you do him.  

He loves you.

The you, he sees deep inside,

the one you cover up.


He sees the beauty in everything you do and don't.

Everything you see and won't.
Everything you know and hope.

And when he looks at you or brushes against you,

you swear you'll fall apart

That your buried heart will free itself and lose itself...

Or maybe it already has.

He must have it, you guess.
How silly to think,
You have let him steal your heart
So easily.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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