Between time and space

Between time and space

by Ima Rios




the perfect number

the essence of my life

and my life... is you.


Twentyfour are the chances I get in a day.


the times I get to reach you

to embrace you

to feel you.


Twentyfour times a day I run following your path.

I run.

I run longing to see you

to feel you

to embrace you

while you just stop there

without emotions

you just stay put.

You don't run


you don't like that

you don't even turn

to see me.

You just stay there


not caring

waiting without expecting.

And I run

to see you once again.



Twentyfour times a day.

That's all I get.

Twentyfour chances.


The journey that I traverse in minutes

you range it in hours

and yet

I'm the one that cannot reach you.


Twentyfour times a day I bound to kiss you

to embrace you for a minute

and then stay on my track.


An instant

that's the only thing I ask for

albeit you demand an eternity.  


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